potatohead.png[Every week, GameSetWatch sister weblog GamerBytes' editor Ryan Langley passes along the top console digital download news tidbits from the past 7 days, including brand new game announcements and scoops through the world of Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network and WiiWare.]

It may only be the beginning of the year, but it's been pretty busy for all concerned - though I will say that this week's Xbox Live Arcade release was certainly an odd choice. This week - no game, but you get Castle Crashers DLC. Not even worth adding it to the top stories of the week.

One big addition to the website is that GamerBytes is now on Twitter. Sometimes we'll get some new information about a game but don't have enough to really write a story. This gives you, the reader, instant access to the latest information.

Outside of news on GamerBytes itself, I'll be posting, via Twitter, direct links to the latest XNA titles on Marketplace for you to look at, and on occasion will post notable interviews and reviews that show up on other websites.

So go on, add http://twitter.com/gamerbytes to your Twitter feeds so you don't miss anything. Anyhow, here's the week's top announcements:

Xbox Live Arcade

CES '09 - Hasbro Family Game Night Scrabbles Your Words
New previews and video of the upcoming Hasbro Family Game Night on Xbox Live Arcade have appeared at IGN - scope them out here.

A Look At CellFactor, Blazing Birds and Death Tank
Team Xbox take a look at the upcoming multiplayer FPS CallFactor, the indie-made robot badminton title Blazing Birds, and one of the best multiplayer games ever - Death Tank.

More Info On Gel From Gastronaut Studios
Just what is the developer of Small Arms up to at the moment?

CES '09 - Kodu To Be Made Available Through Community Games
Create your own games within a game - Kodu is the next step along from RPG Maker and Click & Create.

Gamasutra Postmortem: Mommy's Best Games' Weapon of Choice
Gamasutra lets ex-Insomniac programmer Nathan Fouts spill the beans on how the process was for one of the top XNA Community Games.

PlayStation Network

NA PSN Store Update: CREAT Studios Week With Mahjong Tales And Cuboid
A Mahjong-based puzzler and mind-bending block mover fills up this week's PlayStation Network titles.

CES '09 - New Trailer And Screens For Flock!
Upcoming Capcom-published, Proper Games-developed UFO simulator Flock! showcased as part of Capcom's digital download showing at CES - and it's looking great.

CES '09 - Fat Princess Impresses
It's been quiet for Fat Princess over the past few months, but they blew the doors open at CES - with videos detailing all the classes in this CTF platforming game.


NA WiiWare Update: Planet Pachinko And Jungle Speed
Two new titles for WiiWare this week - and both are nothing like you'd expect from just reading the titles. Check them out here.

GameLoft To Bring UNO To Everything Under The Sun
WiiWare, PlayStation Network, PSP Network, and DSiWare are getting their own versions of the top selling card game.

WiiWare Gets More Sudoku And Online Texas Hold'em
Rating boards show off more upcoming WiiWare titles.

Bit.Trip Beat - Making Pong Hip And With It
If Jeff Minter and Tetsuya Mizuguchi got together and remade Pong, this is probably what it would look like.