[From now until early January, our sister site IndieGames.com: The Weblog will be counting down the best indie titles of 2008, and we'll be reprinting the best here on GameSetWatch for your viewing and playing pleasure.

First up are a pair of novelty but amazing countdowns - alongside a Top 10 for Jesse Venbrux of 'Karoshi' fame that you can only read over on IndieGames.com, this Top 20 consists ONLY of delightfully messed-up retro art games made by Jonatan 'cactus' Söderström this year -- crazy productivity alert.]

For this particular 2008 Best Of Feature over at the IndieGames.com.blog, we're proud to present another slightly novelty -- and pretty insane -- chart, in the form of twenty of the best freeware games released by cactus in 2008.

Known for his broad variety of freeware games, Swedish designer Jonatan 'cactus' Söderström says that much of his work are small experiments dressed up as games. Nonetheless, he has made more than twenty of them over the last twelve months.

So we're presenting you with a selection of his best works released this year, for your gaming pleasure:

Freeware Games by cactus 2008

  1. Ad Nauseam 2
  2. BlockOn
  3. Cactus Arcade
  4. Deep Wing Break
  5. Kryzta
  6. Life is a Race
  7. Lovecraft Game
  8. Minubeat
  9. Precision
10. Protoganda 2
11. Psychosomnium
12. Retro 4
13. Seizuredome
14. Shotgun Ninja
15. Stallions in America
16. Stench Mechanics
17. Vicious Cycle
18. Xoldiers
19. xWung
20. Unfinished Games

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