Even though it's Christmas week, we've still been posting some neat stuff over the past seven days -- both before and following Xmas dinner -- over at big sister site Gamasutra and educational site Game Career Guide.

Here are some of the fruits - including a fascinating postmortem of last holiday's awesome Ratchet & Clank title, an Ian Bogost analysis of Mirror's Edge, a neat interview with Mother 3 fan-translator Clyde Mandelin, and other fun GCG design articles and bizarro Tommy Refenes multi-threading relationship sponsored pieces.

Journey to the center of the Earth:

- You Say Tomato: A Pro on Fan-Translating Nintendo's Mother 3 (Gamasutra)
"Gamasutra talks to Mother 3 fan-translator Clyde 'Tomato' Mandelin on the unofficial translation of the Nintendo classic, his day job in translation, and his localization heroes."

- The Megatrends of Game Design, Part 4 (Gamasutra)
"Veteran game designer Pascal Luban (Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory) concludes his fascinating series on major game industry trends by tackling user-generated content, player aging and emotion."

- Persuasive Games: Windows and Mirror's Edge (Gamasutra)
"In his regular Gamasutra column, author and game designer Bogost analyzes EA DICE's Mirror's Edge, suggesting just why the title "presents a new view of our own experience of the world"."

- Postmortem: Insomniac's Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction (Gamasutra)
"Reprinting one of Game Developer magazine's most acclaimed 2008 postmortems, Insomniac exclusively details the creation of the iconic PlayStation 3 platformer Ratchet & Clank Future."

- Sponsored Feature: How to Start a Multi-Threading Relationship (Gamasutra)
"In his own inimitably amusing fashion, Goo! programmer Tommy Refenes tackles the serious subject of creating and managing efficient and effective multi-threaded relationships for this Intel-sponsored Visual Computing feature."

- GameCareerGuide.com's Game Design Challenge: Eco-Racing Campaign (GameCareerGuide)
"In this weekly edition of the Game Design Challenge, you're in charge of designing a marketing campaign for a new (fictional) game called Eco-Racing Wars, a racing game with user-generated eco-friendly vehicles."

- Characteristics of Successful Game Designers (GameCareerGuide)
"The video game industry is still a meritocracy, where game designers are valued and hired for what they can do and create. And those who ‘do' and ‘create' typically share some basic characteristics, as Dr. Lewis Pulsipher, a game designer and educator, explains in this article."