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Rounding up a multitude of only slightly tardy GameSetLinks, this one is headed by Jeff Attwood big upping World Of Goo while examining piracy in a wider software context - and is a good excuse for me to use that Lazytown video in glorious still image form.

Also in here - some late semi-praise for Lips, a couple more end of year countdowns, the Cthulhu indie countdown, and World Of Goo (again!) in a non-popularity popularity contest.

Goo goo goo:

Coding Horror: My Software Is Being Pirated
Jeff Attwood is one of the most well-known programming bloggers, so it's interesting that he takes on software piracy with plenty of reference to World Of Goo in this post.

GameSpot's Best Games of 2008: Best Game No One Played
The press release we got from GameSpot honest-to-god claimed 'World Of Good' won this award, haha. Great typo, but the second problem here is that it's an audience-voted popularity award to determine a game that 'no one played'. Woops!

The Independent Gaming Source: 'Commonplace Book Compo: Results!'
The ever-excellent indie competition reveals the results of its Cthulhu-themed competition, headed by Kyle Pulver.

loonyblog. - random thoughts on games, art, geek culture and living in california. » My games of the year.
Yes, another top list, this time from 2K's Jason 'Loonyboi' Bergman, but worth mentioning because it includes Rock Band 2, a title I think was unfairly overlooked due to its incremental nature, but is brilliant (I had to bump it from my special picks in the Gamasutra countdown to fit in Fable II, sadly.)

Infovore » Favourite Games of 2008
Interesting because it's a non-'mainstream' writer who has GTA IV on his list, breaking my previous observations on the matter.

Game recommendation: Inis' Lips for Xbox 360
Although it has a severe lack of online/replay components and difficulty levels, I really like the basic interface of Elite Beat Agents creator Inis' X360 karaoke game and its weirdass minigames, possibly even more so than SingStar - hopefully they'll be given a chance to expand on it.