The weekend is upon us, and in between watching slightly dodgy CG whales play volleyball on the reliably chilled Mixmasters DVDs, we're whacking through the latest RSS-impelled GameSetLinks for your reading pleasure.

Some of the notable ones in here - Tuna Technologies on the appeal of Peggle, Matthew Wasteland on the PS3's odd journey, Mark Cooke on Linger In Shadows, a cute Atlus production diary, and other things that seem to fit into our 'smart games writing you maybe didn't see' remit nowadays.

Space invaders smoking:

Serial Missteps on the Parallel Road (Magical Wasteland)
Game Developer mag columnist Matthew Wasteland wanders thigh-deep into the history of the PS3: 'One day, deep in crunch, I finally realized that PlayStation 3 games would be about as good as Xbox 360 games, in the grand scheme of things– that there were more similarities than differences in the two consoles’ relative power for typical video game software.'

g-mixer . mark cooke . blog: The significance of Linger in Shadows
Cooke on Sony's PS3 demo-scene crossover neatness: 'The two significant and unusual things about Linger in Shadows are first, that the group was funded and published by Sony, and that second there are a number of interactive elements in the demo.'

Constance Steinkuehler» Blog Archive » NYT article & funny backstory
Cute piece about stolen credit cards and gamer nerds, and not what you might think.

Tuna Snax Features - Peggle, it's a love hate thing
Intriguing design analysis of PopCap's awesome psychedelic pachinko sim: 'I’m a terrible chess player, but I’m aware of the need to look ahead, and make presumptions about actions and reactions. Peggle is not that different; it’s not a case of firing your ball at a single peg and then letting fate decide the rest, it’s about trying to direct the ball into a series of events that benefit you.'

auntie pixelante › tower re
Anna Anthropy continues to be the premiere anthropologist of the ROM hack subculture: 'Seemingly modelled after the tower that connects the earth and sky of super mario bros. 3’s fifth stage... tower re is organized into twenty floors of abstract platforming.'

Shawn Elliott: Symposium Part One: Review Scores
It's.... long. And much-discussed on the Internet already. But, as an attempt by 2K Boston AP Elliott and an all-star pundit cacophany to work out where things are going, I think it's worth looking at.

Andrew P. Mayer » Blog Archive » The Edges of the Sandbox
An interesting piece on gamers breaking through in-game boundaries: 'Gaming is about turning thoughts into action, and if you’re not keeping them busy with planned entertainments they’ll always find a way to overcome the limits of the system.'

:::: :::: Production Diary fun from a U.S. translator.
Amusingly twisted stuff: 'We don't have to deal with all of the headaches that a project lead has to deal with, so we are pretty stress-free. After translation is finished on one game, we get put on another project, or shred CDs in the warehouse, or dance through the aisles, so work is pretty versatile.' Via NichM.