Time to wander around some GameSetLinks, in that case, headed up by Slate's traditional chewing of the fat of the year in game releases, with plenty of top analytical minds in tow, hurray.

Also hanging out in here - Toon Panic 64 (pictured!) resurfaces, a human story of an iPhone developer hoping to make it big, some of the offbeat DS titles entered into our own IGF Mobile, 'The Gentle Physics and Science of Hazardous Materials', and lots more besides.

Un deux trois:

Slate's year-end gaming club. (2) - By N'Gai Croal , Seth Schiesel, Chris Suellentrop, and Stephen Totilo - Slate Magazine
The big men on campus come forth. Plenty of earnest missives, including some useful content!

The Making of... Dune II | Edge Online
Excellent Edge mag retrospective on the making of the seminal RTS.

Amid recession, developer finds hope in the Apple App Store | Gaming and Culture - CNET News
Nice human story from Daniel Terdiman about a developer trying to find new hope with an iPhone game.

The Toon Panic 64 proto has finally leaked! | Unseen 64: Beta, Unreleased & Unseen Videogames!
'Toon Panic is an original N64 game. It is a 3D arena fighting game in the spirit of Power Stone on Dreamcast. The game was never achieved due to the bankruptcy of its developer, Bottom Up.'

Famicom The Gentle Physics and Science of Hazardous Materials | Famicom | gameSniped.com
'The Gentle Physics and Science of Hazardous Materials is a wierd item - even by our standards. It’ a Famicom “game” developed in the early 90’s by Konami for a petroleum company called Idemitsu Kosan.'

Let's look at IGF Mobile's DS entries - Tiny Cartridge
'This coming Independent Games Festival Mobile competition — an event designed to “promote innovation in portable games” — features five Nintendo DS entries, three of which I’ve never seen before.'

The Official Forumwarz Blog - An open letter to Kotaku
'I have personally emailed you and members of your team several times about the game, hoping you'd mention us on your blog or to see if you'd want a review copy. Every single time it has fallen on deaf ears.' To a certain extent, it's what people want to read, of course - and Crecente replied, too, in comments.

Media Molecule - we make games. » Blog Archive » This Week’s MmPicks
Still a lot of super-interesting LittleBigPlanet levels, if not very web-spottable until MM points them out.