Well, you may have noticed a slight lack of GameSetLinks this week, and plenty of cross-posting, to boot. This is because I've been at the Global Online Game Awards in South Korea, and only just got back yesterday.

There will be a picture-laden 'this is what South Korea is about re: gaming' post in due course, but in the meantime, we'll be massively catching up on RSS feeds. Thus, here's some transitional links, including Takahashi, soundtracks, Carroll prescience, and lots more.

Hat brim top:

EA: Henry Hatsworth official website
The downloads section for Kyle Gray's 'indie'-ish EA Tiburon DS title (pictured!) has the entire OST available for download, a GSW reader points out - v.neat!

Noby Noby Boy Preview for the PS3 from 1UP.com
Keita Takahashi is as clipped as ever, but hey, it's interesting. Namco aren't exactly gonna make much money off this title with 3+ years of development and being sold for <$10, tho!

chewing pixels » The Best Games Writing of 2008: Part 1
GSW columnist Simon Parkin's excellent, heartfelt thoughts on the best game writing this year - here's Part 2.

NeoGAF - View Single Post - Gamasutra's top 5 surprises of 2008
The interesting part of this thread points out that Reflexive/Amazon's Russell Carroll was eerily correct back in 2005 in predicting the Wii's success. He's a smart cookie!

Kotaku: 'Farewell: Maggie Has Left the Tower'
Sad to see that Maggie Greene left Kotaku - her weekend posts were always some of the most erudite on the site, and we definitely appreciated all the links along the way. Look forward to seeing her post-Kotaku output, tho!

2008全球最强游戏制作人大排榜-levelup.cn 游戏城寨 | PS3 PS2 PSP X360 Xbox Wii NGC NDS GBA PC
About the 'Top Deck' from Game Developer we ran on Gamasutra recently, from a leading Chinese website: '结果,硅骑士公司的Denis Dyack,由于公开在欧美游戏圈最有影响力的论坛NeoGAF'. Nuff said!

Wolfire Blog - Gish design tour
These are very neat - this is the third in the series.

While !Finished » The Importance of Leadership on Gaming Websites
'The point of all of this is that, despite claims by games bloggers that they have no control over what random people say on the internet, they actually do have a lot of control over the community on their sites, without even getting into moderation: it’s all about tone.'