End of the weekend, but still time to round up the best posts of the week on our alma mater, Gamasutra and other sites - including everything from interviews (Keiichi Yano!) through development pieces (effective art direction!) and analysis (NPD craziness!)

This time (and going forward), I'm going to try to make GSW user-centric - and maybe even nuanced - commentary on some of this past week's best articles.

More Than Just Lips: Keiichi Yano On Music Game Innovation by Christian Nutt
I've been a fan of Yano's output for a while, thanks to titles from GitarooMan through Elite Beat Agents, and although it seems Lips is getting some mixed reviews, his genuine music-loving attitude and enlightened approach to the medium makes this Gamasutra interview a whole lot of fun.

Persuasive Games: Disjunctive Play by Ian Bogost
Jason Rohrer is going go down as an important, but likely divisive, figure in the history of art-games - and in this neat, if slightly mindboggly Gamasutra feature, writer/author Bogost analyzes Between to help map out a new, indirect style of multiplayer gaming.

NPD: Behind The Numbers, October 2008 by Matt Matthews
We were absolutely delighted to get Matt Matthews' NPD column back in Gamasutra's care, and this latest one shows his mastery of the stat crunching insanity. Some of the neat stuff in here - Guitar Hero sales analysis and some cleverly extrapolated top single-SKU games of 2008 so far in the U.S. - Smash Bros for Wii leading the way.

Effective Art Directors: Gaming's Something Something by Ben Cammarano
We love to run developer-written articles alongside the analysis and interviews, and Microsoft Game Studios uber art director Cammarano does a great job of documenting the five major traits that make the video game art director truly effective, from partnerships through unlikely inspiration.

GCG’s Game Design Challenge: Achievement and Insomnia by Jill Duffy
I'm gonna quote this one, cos Jill Duffy and Manveer Heir are doing a great job on this anyhow: "GameCareerGuide has recently posted its next Game Design Challenge: design a card game that incorporates the theme ‘insomnia.’ The site has also posted the top three submissions to a recently closed design challenge, in which readers invented a new Xbox Achievement for an existing game."

Also original and worth checking out on Gamasutra from last week: Share Your Experience: YouTube Integration In Games; Interview: GameStop's DeMatteo Talks State Of Holiday Market; MIGS: Imagining A Hero - Ubisoft's Mattes On Prince of Persia's Visual Evolution; MIGS: Microsoft's Fryer On Creating a Culture Of Production ; MIGS: EALA's Smith - Games Have Feelings Too; In-Depth: Casual Game Execs Aim For New Audiences On Core Platforms; Stardock CEO Wardell Eyes Star Control, Orion, And More.