Time to round up some of the best links we've dug up here at GameSetWatch in the last 24 hours or so - headed by some discussion of Obama's buddies and their love of Azeroth (please, put away the pitchforks).

Some of the other highlights of the lovingly scraped links here - Cliffski on the making of Kudos 2, Life magazine's (pictured) photos of video game-related randomness, Retro Game Challenge explained for the DS, Gus Mastrapa on reviews getting no respect, and quite a lot more.

Mar vell us:

Obama’s FCC Transition Team Co-chair a WoW Player - GigaOM
'The Wharton professor is a hardcore World of Warcraft player, a member of two guilds.'

Games That Weren’t » Bioforge Plus intro on YouTube
'Former employee of Origin Systems, Jeff Morris, informed us today that he captured and uploaded the introduction cinematic of Origin’s unreleased PC game "Bioforge Plus" (an extended version of the original game) to YouTube.'

Geometry Wars: Retro Explained Interview - Page 1 // Xbox 360 /// Eurogamer - Games Reviews, News and More
'The very first version was just kind of a test application... We didn't know why we weren't getting the right analogue [input] out of it, so we wrote a test app just to play around with the analogue sticks.'

Cliffski's Kudos 2 post mortem
'Pretty early on it became clear that the original game was too dark and miserable, and to sell better, it needed to be more upbeat, more engaging, and less like the diary of a manic depressive.'

evandorkin: National Tragedy
Not very game related, but this is soo beyond Yahtzee in amazing vitriol (re: a New York comics convention) that I must share.

1UP: Retro Game Challenge Hands-On Preview
'Retro Game Challenge features "cameos" from a few well-known Western game journalists. Expect to see columns from "Dan Sock," "Milkman," and "Johnny England".' This is going to be interesting.

Curmudgeon Gamer: Review: Mirror's Edge
'The last half of the finale profoundly angered me. A man can only eat so many cheap sniper shots, so many deaths by machine gun from over 75 meters away, so many attempts at a final tricky jump to a tiny ledge across a giant gap, so many degrading restarts.'

video game source:life - Google Image Search
The Life Magazine photo archives have pretty bad video game images, semi-unsurprisingly.

Hit Self-Destruct: Interactive Journalism
'Sometimes, though, you do feel like Deep Throat and Woodward's not giving you his full attention because at that moment he's booked for three other garage appointments where he's going to be told all about new Xbox 360 faceplates, a Mean Girls-branded Puzzle Quest clone, and "what's next" for mobile gaming.' This is actually a bit obnoxious, but hey, it's well-written.

Media Coverage: Readers, We Hate You Too - GameDaily
'I'll let you in on a little secret. People who review video games have feelings too. Funny, right?'