A return to GameSetLinkDump after a couple of days, and a few pop up from earlier this week, in preparation for a fresh RSS trawl this weekend. It's headed by a review of Simon The Sorceror 4, actually, which is neat because the classic adventure franchise is still alive, supported by those lovely Germans.

But also in here - a hint (or we can only dream) that Elite Beat Agents 2 might be forthcoming, alongside pinball layoffs (aw), Fable 2's maturity issues, a horror game conference, Invader street art awesomeness, and Psygnosis box art heaven.

Yee haw:

Simon the Sorcerer 4: Chaos Happens - Review - Adventure Classic Gaming
'If you are a fan of classic click-and-point adventure games, you will love Silver Style Entertainment’s Simon the Sorcerer 4: Chaos Happens. This game is among the best adventure games I have played, on par with a LucasArts classic of yesteryear, but with modern graphics and effects.'

Pinball News - Stern Pinball cuts
'Accordingly, some of the well-known names at the company were told their positions would be disappearing. Game designers Dennis Nordman and John Borg, software designers Keith Johnson and Dwight Sullivan and Director of Technical Support Joe Blackwell were believed to be among those leaving the company.'

Artsy Games Incubator » Blog Archive » Artcade Rocks!
Oo, totally cool Toronto indie game goodness - see next GSW post!

GoNintendo » Blog Archive » Nintendo UK press site lists Elite Beat Agents 2- What are you waiting for?
One can only hope.

The Brainy Gamer: The world according to Molyneux
Interesting point on the game's M rating: 'On a hunch, I spoke with the manager of my near-local EB Games store, and he told me, "You have no idea how many underage people we've turned away on Fable 2. I'd say at least a hundred, including phone calls."'

Daniel Primed:: Gaming Analysis, Critique and Culture » Exploring Jamaican Game Culture (Interview)
'Apart from massive 80’s arcade hits like Pacman and Space Invaders there was never a coin ‘op culture in Jamaica. Although there have been video games here from before I think the Super Nintendo truly kick started the video game sub-culture here.'

Elder Game: MMO game development » Player Superstitions
'Human beings don’t deal well with randomness in general. Our brains are powerful pattern-matching machines, and we will see patterns no matter what it takes… even if the patterns are fake.'

Free Pixel » horrific new conference call for papers
Whoa, an academic conf just about horror games? Neeto.

Invader's New Binary Code Street Art and a Bridge Too Cool | GameCulture
'French artist Invader is the Banksy of the videogame aesthetic. Since the late 1990s, he has used ceramic subway tiles as tangible pixels in his game sprite-inspired street art.'

All Style: Early Psygnosis Games and Box Art | How They Got Game
'To further bulwark the company's focus on the visual, Psygnosis enlisted artist Roger Dean to design the company's logo and provide cover art for future games.'