Time for a few more select GameSetLinks, headed by another fun hiphop and gaming-related link-list from Examiner.com - although one that curses my hero Parappa The Rapper, so must presumably be completely wrong.

Also hanging out in here - the disturbingly graphic Bayonetta, silly Halloween costumes, some Rockstar Vancouver shenanigans you might have missed, how physics in games matter, and plenty more good stuff.

Enjoy the silence:

Video Game Examiner: Best (and Worst) Hip-Hop-themed video games of all time
'Being the hip-hop purist that I am, I’ve always hated PaRappa the Rapper. I saw it as a stereotypical, exploitation of hip-hop that had no redeeming merits to the culture.'

virtualpolitik: Meaningful Play, Day One: Art without Beauty
Good write-up of a conf we missed - def. read Ian Bogost's comments on art-games.

Gametrailers.com - Bayonetta - TGS 2008: Gameplay Revealed Trailer (Cam)
Good Lord, I missed this - Platinum's female-led Devil May Cry-ish blaster is superduper iffy.

Wired: Games Without Frontiers: 'Pure' Shows Off Fun of 'Artistic' Physics
'Painters use colors and texture to create moods; authors use words and imagery. But action games? They use physics.'

Vintage Computing and Gaming | Archive » VC&G’s Halloween Video Game Costume Ideas (2008)
Wow, incredigeek.

matthughson.com: Radical Changes
'Vancouver has a massive game development community. If you happen to walk past the Radical offices last Thursday afternoon you might have seen some subtle hints left from our competitors reminding us of this very fact.' Cheeky.

Kotaku: 'New Xbox Experience: Community Games And The New Xbox Experience'
Interesting video about what's going to be an Xbox 360 highlight, most probably.

Games Media Awards 2008: The Winners in Full Gaming Industry | Press Release by MCV
Aha, the results of this 'interesting' thing - funded by buying seats at the event and sponsorship from the firms that journos cover, it's not exactly impartial, but it's still better than nothing at all, right?

Tech Report: E for All // Current
Alex Litel claims of an interview embedded within this video: "'You're stricken with Malaysia' says one of the Frag Dolls on Far Cry 2 at E for All."

Why is everyone saying "fail" all of a sudden? - By Christopher Beam - Slate Magazine
Claiming that Neo Geo title Blazing Star is the slightly oblique meme originator here, interesting - via Waxy.