Ah yes, a few more GameSetLinks, posted during (or shortly after) my attendance at Nite To Unite, the ESA's kids charity event in San Francisco.

I gather that Shigeru Miyamoto is being honored with the 2009 ESA Champion Award, so it'll be interesting to see what he says (for I believe he will be present).

In the meantime, here's some intriguing links, spanning everything from an Echochrome analysis through new indie games and IGN's new casual game site.

Gung ho:

Consumer CULTure : Retro Remakes
'It’s Robotron without the guns, only instead of saving the last human family - you’re collecting meaningless junk and being constantly bombarded with meaningless adverts for even more meaningless junk whilst you play.'

War [email protected] Expo 2008 : Retro Remakes
'Eurogamer is also proud to support Pixel-Lab’s Indie Arcade at the Expo, showcasing 10 of the best titles in independent PC game development.' Oo, more Top 10 indie-ness, this time at the London expo.

Kloonigames » Blog Archive » Pirate Fishing
'The game was made back in 2006 and I’ve been keeping it as a backup if I ever for what ever reason won’t be able to do a game that month.' Hee, cheat!

Video game censorship and the art of horror | NEWS.com.au
Yahtzee: 'If we willingly delude ourselves that video games are just for children and banish everything beastly and unwholesome, we miss out on something important.'

The Pretentious Indie Gamer Scene » Blog Archive » The Notorious P.I.G.: Indie As F*ck
Increasing indie rap wackiness: 'You wanna be my shorty? Why don’t you come talk to me after you’ve beaten Cave Story.'

SEGA America Blog | PlaySEGA is Live - Read All About It!
'PlaySEGA is a new site that allows SEGA to put a new spin on web games, and offer some cool perks to go with it.' Avatars, rings to collect in-game, interesting.

Mediapost: News Corp.'s IGN Rolls Out Greenpixels.com
'News Corp.’s IGN has quietly rolled out Greenpixels.com, a new content Web site geared for the fast growing universe of casual gamers, which includes a substantial number of women.'

Steven Poole: Puppet play
'Echochrome’s protagonist is one of these mannequins, hinting perhaps at an allegory of the relationship between player and game.'

Noby Noby Boy, then and now... - Tiny Cartridge
'Showing off a spectacularly weird game is one thing; but then he scrapped it and switched it out for a completely different game design that is also weird, but in a different way.'

The Future of Reading - Using Video Games as Bait to Hook Readers - Series - NYTimes.com
'Increasingly, authors, teachers, librarians and publishers are embracing this fast-paced, image-laden world in the hope that the games will draw children to reading.' Via VirtualPolitik.