- Well, I'm on the way to Austin GDC, which closely followed the GDC Advisory Board meeting and my holiday to Hawaii (hey, lots of travel time to play Hot Shots Golf 2 on PSP, right?) - so expect some AGDC reports -- with photographic evidence -- this week.

In the meantime, our best-of links list continues to go off the beaten track, with a new Web 2.0-style game creation startup, SETI's full Spore-related press release pitch, G4 on the PAX 10, and plenty more.

Yee haw go:

Video Game Examiner: Top 10 Hip-Hop Songs that Sampled a Video Game
'Hip-hop and video games have always had a symbiotic relationship whether it was rappers rapping about beating each other down in NBA Live, participating in Madden and Street Fighter tournaments or actually sampling game music for their tracks. Which brings us to this list.'

G4 - X-Play: 'The PAX 10: Interviews'
More profiles of neat indie titles.

Canned Dogs » Blog Archive » Eroge production
Interesting breakdown of erotic game development in Japan - via Junkbomb.

GameSpite.net: 'A true disaster'
Parish explains it all re: that DS game, which apparently pirates music, too, oh dear: 'I'm sure people who relish dashing their minds out against a brick wall will love Steel Disaster, but for me it stands on the wrong side of that all-important divide. Alas!'

Holiday reading recommendation: Neal Stephenson's 'Zodiac'
Ahead of his new novel, checked out a greatest hit on holidays from the cyberpunk pioneer - now I have a Lazyweb suggestion for someone to make a guerrilla environmental pollution-busting game, yay.

Atmosphir - Free Video Game / Creation Tool for Mac and PC
Interesting, quite high-end games for custom creation I think? Via Waxy.

Banning Videogames — How We Misinterpret The Experience « Vancouver Game Design
'Is it healthy for any culture to ban something that would explore their taboos in a safe environment?' A little heady, perhaps, but hey!

Koonsolo News » Blog Archive » Mystic Mine: game with impossible levels
Interesting indie PC title, a bit Echocrome-y, perhaps?

SETI Institute - Art Imitates Life
Spore "...takes much of its inspiration from the real-world research of the SETI Institute", apparently. Will Wright quotes, reduced membership, blimey!

Siliconera » Tokyo hosts Extra - Hyper Game Music Event in October
A good post-TGS event, to say the least.