- There seem to be a frighteningly large amount of RSS links awaiting my return from Texas, so here's a few I accidentally saved up in the meantime - starting with the full text of Bruce Sterling's AGDC speech (with Rudy Rucker illos!), which I am enjoying tremendously.

Also hanging out in here - that Soulja Boy/Braid thing, the Smithsonian on game experts, Japanese robots causing chaos, and a v.interesting critique of that game whose title is slightly unrepeatable in company.

Go go Beckham:

Bruce Sterling, "Computer Entertainment," Flurb #6
Aha, the full text of his AGDC speech - read and decide!

Llamasoft's Space Giraffe info/FAQ page
Holy crapola, somebody (the creators and their associates!) explained properly how the game works, in a FAQ stylee. Probably should have had that for launch.

YouTube - Soulja Boy reviews Jon Blow's 'Braid'
Mind. Officially. Blown.

Gameheads, web experts help Smithsonian go digital - 16 Sep 2008 - NZ Herald: Gadgets and electronics news
'Clough, 66, who was president of the Georgia Institute of Technology for 14 years, says he's working to bring in video gaming experts and web gurus to collaborate with curators on creative ways to present artefacts online and make them appealing to kids.' Interesting.

The Real World meets The Virtual World: Evacuees and AGDC « Applied Game Design
The presence of evacuees was/is a bit surreal, yes - Brenda sums up well.

best ebay auction ever - NES CLASSIX! - NeoGAF
Yes, yes, linking GAF will get me kicked off the journalism bus, but this is cute.

The PixelVixen707 Zombitacular Fall 2008 Preview » PixelVixen707
Kinda not GSW-y, because it's actually populist and witty, but hey, Kotaku/GiantRealm or other aspirants, good writer alert!

wakamaru USA | NEW YORK – TOKYO
A Japanese robot runs amok in New York! Play is a game, too.

Acid for Blood: C*nt (the Game): Gynophobia and Misogyny
Really interesting critique of the game, past the explicitness (and yes, there's explicitness).

Infovore: TIGSource Bootleg Demake Competition
Good round-up of the competition Tim has been featuring highlights from on IndieGames.com recently.