- Time for a few more holiday weekend GameSetLinks, headed up by a few games appearing at Wired's NextFest -- which is nice -- and also illustrated with the awesome, super-formal Grasshopper Manufacture staff portrait that Mark Cooke kindly posted on his Flickr.

Additionally in here - some teasers for the very silly Deathspank, a little more discussion on review scores in games, movies of the delicious looking Death Tank (hey, that rhymes with Deathspank!), and lots more.

One two four:

WIRED NextFest 2008 Exhibits
Flower, PB Winterbottom, and Brainball nestle into the 'cool stuff du jour' Wired exhibit - tres bon.

Ton of Clay: The Spank of Death vs. PAX
From the co-creator (the not-Gilbert one): 'Hothead Games was showing some teasers for DeathSpank. It's always amazing when something finally migrates off the drawing board and out into the world.'

GamerBytes - Death Tank For XBLA Revealed!
Wow, the video is a lot slicker-looking than I expected. Drooling.

Gamasutra - Renegade Kid, Gamecock Team For New Wii IP
Our own Vox Populi worked out the name of the game - 'Son Of The Dragon' - which was Dracula's name given to him by his father. More people should be taking notice of VP, mayhaps?

Media Coverage: The Problem With Review Scores
Gus Mastrapa on, yes, THAT: 'When Paste re-instated the numerical scoring system they published a metric ton of reader letters begging for their return. A common theme within the letters was that it was Paste's job to spit out scores and help their readers spend their hard-earned money on music.'

Flickr Photo Download: Grasshopper Manufacture 10th Year Anniversary Staff Photo
Completely awesome staff photo for the No More Heroes crazies - friend of IGF/Gama Mark Cooke is in the top right somewhere.

g-mixer . mark cooke . blog: Grasshopper 10th Anniversary Party
From the same event: 'Anyways, at one point Suda-san, Mikami Shinji-san (Resident Evil, God Hand, etc.), and Kojima Hideo-san (Metal Gear) joined the stage together to hammer a sake barrel into submission.'

Matt Hazard :: The unofficially OFFICIAL guide to the world's greatest game hero ever created ! ! !
This is apparently related to a new D3 game... totally weird!

Inside the World’s Largest Arcade | Edge Online
Good stuff from Edge 'proper'.

Write the Game » To reprove or approve?
'The Reprover is a story, told in verses. Each verse is a puzzle piece, and each has further embellishment hidden inside it.'