- A Wednesday night, and I'm typing this from the demo competition at NVScene, where all kinds of insane real-time graphic antics are currently in play - will probably blog about this more in due course.

But anyhow - onto the links, which include David Edery on 'the definition of lasting appeal', as well as discussions on game narrative and Gillen on 'steps towards an elitist critic future' - thanks to The Brainy Gamer for popping up on my Google Images search with the illustrative picture above!

Hurray hurray hurray:

GAMBIT: Updates: Cheese! Picopoke is now live!
Facebook game: 'In Picopoke, players take photos to match a set of abstract captions (for example, "human bowling pins" or "feet in the air") to be voted on by their friends and fellow players.' Extremely interesting university-initiated titles, as per normal with GAMBIT.

Spend three minutes with Will Wright that have nothing to do with Spore or the Sims | Fidgit
The first three of these are up now - despite hype, they're a lot of fun.

Game Tycoon»Blog Archive » The Definition of Lasting Appeal
'The answer to the problem with reviews is more focused review sites that cater to specific target audiences.'

Music Catch review - Jay is Games
'Music Catch is a full-featured downloadable version of the previously released Flash game also titled Music Catch. The name describes exactly what the game is all about: catching music.'

Lost Garden: Shade: Prototyping Challenge results
'Even in these simple prototypes, Shade shows promise as a game concept. It just needs pass upon pass of polish to turn into something glorious.'

mentisworks: Game Narrative: An Internal Struggle
'What is perhaps a more resounding consensus than what type of narrative structure games should follow, is the fact that there are just so very few games to have created a truly compelling narrative to begin with.'

GamerDad: Gaming with Children: Welcome to the Namco Museum: Special Galaga Tour!
Wow, awesome Galaga series history, if not kid-relevant, but hey!

1UP: Flagship Founder Bill Roper Interview
Forgot to mention this - it's honest and unmissable.

Steps Towards An Elitist Critic Future | Rock, Paper, Shotgun
'Games writing, traditionally, has been obsessed with talking about stuff people already know about, and ignored the Stuff You’ve Never Heard Of But You Desperately Need To part of the gig.'

Satori: IGDA San Francisco August event summary
Spore talk, video included, too.