- Yeehaw, time for GameSetLinks, and there's a fun set of randomness in here, with everything from a new trailer for the LucasArts-ian A Vampyre Story through Nokia's Scott Foe on the (pictured) Reset Generation, as well as Kohler discussing the new craziness from Japanese quirkoid developers Skip.

It's very cool, actually, when developers are individual enough that you can just tell they've made a game, and that's why folks like Skip -- which has Nintendo paradigms to deliciously subvert -- are such a delight to behold.

Things things stuff:

Game Revenue Issues | Moving Pixels | PopMatters
'What about a Victoria’s Secret catalogue that uses the Unreal 3 Engine to let people have their customized avatar try on clothes and see how they look?'

The Greatest Video Game Ad of the Year - Nerd World - Lev Grossman - Matt Selman - Technology - TIME
I also saw this and was kinda entranced.

1UP: 'Bionic Commando Producer Ben Judd Interview'
Ah yes, this is v.good, thanks to Christian for reminding me to link it, after the fact.

Game Designer Jonathan Blow: What We All Missed About Braid | The A.V. Club
Yesh, more Braid interviews, but this one's a goodie.

'Scott Foe at EIF 2008' video on Vimeo
The Reset Generation creator lectures on the 'MP3 of games' - fun stuff.

Games We Love - Popfly Wiki
Microsoft's Popfly Game Creator trying to do interesting user-gen stuff here, dunno how well it is working just yet, but hey.

A Vampyre Story - streaming trailer
Ah, LucasArts-y goodness, finally coming soon.

The Making Of... Oddworld | Edge Online
Lorne Lanning still loony, but charismatic loony.

Hands-On: Chibi Robo Devs' Latest Weirdness, Captain Rainbow | Game | Life from Wired.com
'Amusingly, the old story from the U.S. version of the Mario 2 instruction book about how Birdo is a transvestite has now been retconned into canon. He's a cross-dressing dude, now.'

AAMA: 'About Coin-Operated Products'
Two newly posted case studies (the top PDF links) talk about how coin-op arcade/redemption games can help U.S. pizza parlors, pubs retain customers and grow - in other words, the realistic and practical face of arcades in the U.S. today. Neat.