- Aha, weekend means new GameSetLinks, starting out with the tail end of a PlayStation Network interview on CrispyGamer which really does - through no fault of the interviewer's - degenerate into a bit of a crazed jargonfest.

Also wandering around in here - some odd updates from Signature Devices, Space Invaders memorabilia, the anti-Ubisoft war game protest (pictured), controversy from Sheffield, pensioners going to DanceTown, and lots more, thankfully.

Y'know, stuff:

Crispy Gamer - Column: PlayStation Network Honcho Susan Panico -- In the Firing Line (Page 4)
'You look at the Pimp My Rides of the world, things that are socially relevant, socially engaging, and that become part of pop culture --we want to make the PlayStation Network a destination.' My buzzword bingo pen just broke.

Legend of Neil, Episode 3 - Atom.com
Creepy 'viral' video about someone who gets transported into Legend Of Zelda through auto-erotic controller asphyxiation. Yes, really.

Signature Devices Updates Shareholders on Status of Company - MarketWatch
Signature Devices I've covered before, and are so weird (penny stock shareholder press release crazy, they are) - interesting to see specific numbers for Mazes Of Fate DS. But they "cut expenses by 2/3"? Maybe pennies don't pay bills.

Activists Protest America's Army Game With Songs and Stickers | Game | Life from Wired.com
Hey, cool, Kohler covered the protest I mentioned in GameSetLinks a few days back - the Wired offices are just right round the corner from GSW central.

NeoGAF - View Single Post - Game Developer magazine joins the next-gen hate train (Wii > *.*, Blu-ray sucks, etc)
Game Developer EIC Sheffield explains his treasonous words!

Jane Heald's comment on GameSetWatch - Analysis: Making DDR For Seniors With Touchtown's Dancetown
Awesome 77-year olds are totally all over Dancetown.

Good game, good game - joystick - E4.com
Oo, B3ta's Rob Manuel making a game from scratch in 6 weeks, and it's already v.amusing.

Taito teams up with LaForet Harajuku to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Space Invaders « Arcade Heroes
Games as pop art, more plz.

chewing pixels » War(hammer) of Words
Yeah, this is clearly what Barnett said, no weaseling, plz.

Cliffski’s Blog » Press release day
Kudos 2 art by Jamie McKelvie. Neat. I think it needs a copy edit/script punch-up, looking at some of the screenshot typos, though. RPS-ers, someone offer!