Hello! My name is Akemi Kamio and I work PR at Konami! Or, at least, I did back in 1986 when Famicom Tsushin did this very small portrait of me back when they were trying to start the "Akemi Kamio Fan Club" in an attempt to give the 8-bit video game world a sexy idol of its very own.

Like I think I've said earlier, the magazine that would eventually be renamed Famitsu and become the most influential game media outlet in Japan was pretty kooky in its early years. Remarkably, this wasn't some kind of joke, either -- Famitsu really did cover Kamio off and on for the first few years of its existence, and while she was no Howard Philips, she became known enough that other magazines would introducer her as "that" Akemi Kamio whenever Konami-related news came up.

I bring Kamio up this week because, frankly, there isn't a heck of a lot else going on in magazine-land lately. All of the October '08 Future mags are out, most of them are still 100 pages, and half of them have a cell-phone ad insert, this one sponsored entirely by...Konami. Whoa, I've got a theme going after all! Damn, I'm one hot writer!

Nintendo Power October 2008


Cover: Wario Land: Shake It!

Out of all the Future mags this month, this is definitely the least "fall preview"-y. Yes, there's a top-15 E3 feature in there (and, er, it's kinda large), but there's also big bits on the new Wario, Time Hollow, and the new Kirby, along with a retrospective on 20 years' worth of fanart and an interview with Hideki Konno, the top man at EAD you've never heard of.

Official Xbox Magazine October 2008 (Podcast)


Cover: Guitar Hero: World Tour

The "10K in One Day" feature is the tops -- except that, during the test run outlined in the feature, the author only manages 8675 Gamerscore in the alotted time, which makes the coverline a little correct. His basic strategy of abusing sports games and licensed junk is sound, however, and either way it makes for humorous reading.

That, along with the extensive World Tour cover feature and a bit on the new 360 updates that graced the cover of Edge this month, rounds out the highlights. Otherwise, this is "fall preview issue" in everything but name.

PlayStation: The Official Magazine October 2008


Cover: DC Universe Online

The cover feature is about the same thing as Edge's a month back, so read this one if you are feeling patriotic and don't want to support those dirty British magazines. The other feature is on Valkyria Chronicles, which I think is a great game -- so great, in fact, that it was supposed to be on the cover of PiQ's theoretical sixth issue, which sadly never got close to being made. You should read this one, though, it's about as good as the one I would have written.

Otherwise, fall preview.

Wii Gamers' Guide Fall 2008


There isn't quite as much original content in this special as in past ones. Still, I guess the Wii Gamers' Guide seasonal has been a fairly decent success for IDG, given that Code Vault had nearly no ads and this issue features at least a few. (Quite a lot for games not on the Wii, though. Probably some kind of bonus throw-in?)

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