When the GameSetLinks get a bit frantic, in terms of compiling, then yes, I will start referencing Gilbert & Sullivan in relation to odd Japanese Xbox 360 touchpad joysticks. What of it?

Luckily, this set of links is also filled with other more sane things - including cute Flash games, the 'Kirby Dots' Photoshop plugin, RPGMaker and XNA hanging out in the corner smooching, and lots more.

Ready steady cook:

Canned Dogs » Blog Archive » RPGmaker to produce Xbox 360 compatible code
Via XNA Creator's Club - this sounds potentially very interesting.

Arcade Renaissance: Amazingly hot Otomedius arcade stick from Hori
'In addition to being one of the first arcade sticks on the Xbox 360 to feature Sanwa parts, the Hyper Stick Pro will also have a small touch input screen on the right side of the action buttons.'

Octopus Motor's 'Kirby Dots!' Photoshop plugin
Haha, Jack Kirby-ize your illustrations with Sparky and Lars, this is awesome. And game related cos they are STILL making They Came From Hollywood, so there.

Lifehacker: 'Xbox 360: Turn Your Xbox 360 into a Streaming Netflix Player'
Unfortunately supercomplicated and Media Center-needing, but hey, possible.

Orisinal.com - Sunny Day Sky
Lots of buzz for Ferry Halim's latest surreal Flash cuteness - via everyone.

chewing pixels » Critics versus Consumers: The Gulf Between Us
Discussing how films are held back from reviewers like games, plus Final Fantasy vitriol.

GameSpot: 'PressSpotting: Covering pro gaming'
'There's another potential gaming angle that gets comparatively little coverage or respect from the press in general: gaming as professional sport.'

Fresh Look At IMVU, Mini-MMO With Big Numbers - GigaOM
There's some interesting vitriol from IMVU users in the comments, for some reason - community issues?

The Wired Bunch - 2008 Summer Journey - TIME
'If computer gaming has only ever been a solipsistic, antisocial nonactivity to you, then a few days in its emerging world capital, Seoul, will come as a brain-scrambling revelation.'

Rhizome | Rhizome News: Mind Games
'Clicking through Portland artist Tabor Robak's site Reality CPU feels like stumbling upon a scrambled memory bank of images captured sometime around 1993' - via MBF Today.