Yeehaw, time for GameSetLinks, and we're still rounding up some miscellaneous E3 links (towards the bottom), but hey, nothing wrong with that if it's neat.

Some of the other highlights in there - 'massively singleplayer' as a genre, my random GameTap tips, the new skool Zombie Cow Studios, and downloadable Spore prototypes. Yay.

Out to lunch:

Orbus Gameworks: 'Character Blogging and Metrics'
On Dungeon Runner's automated in-game character blogging.

gameslol » Blog Archive » Massively singleplayer: a real genre?
Discussing the neat concept of "...singleplayer games that are played by lots of people simultaneously."

Game Tycoon » Blog Archive » Designing for Older Gamers
Expanding on the recent Gamasutra article on this very subject. Downloadable Spore prototypes
Featuring 'Particleman', in which you can: ' with physics controls to create different kinds of gravitational simulations.' Via ErrorMacro. - the blog » Salary of a game programmer (artist, designer, or producer)
Absolutely excellent post on ways to tell what people are paid - disclaimer, includes Game Developer salary survey info, which I help compile. Not clear if H1-B info is accurate tho - see comments.

Play in Community Spotlight - Celebrity Picks - Simon Carless and other games on
Me and other games! My picks for my favorite GameTap titles, from Sensible Soccer through The Last Express.

Zombie Cow Studios
The folks behind indie neatness Gibbage are back with a super-quirky free adventure game and some other indie titles.

Nihilistic Software - 'New Game Teaser'
Hey, I never noticed this before - upcoming downloadable PC zombie game from Nihilistic?

Wired Gallery: 'At E3, Insiders Thrive as Booth Babes Go Extinct'
Shuttle bus bliss!

pushing buttons...: My E3, Come Back!
A paean to the classic days from an ex-God Of War designer.