- As timeless as a Stereo MCs video, it's time for GameSetLinks to return, this time headed up by a look at that ever-popular cult lust object, LucasArts' Grim Fandago, thanks to a group of concerned Internet citizens.

Also in here - ridiculous Virt game music noises, Alice Taylor on a not safe for work (from an audio perspective) Wiimote multiplayer folly, Keith Boesky going off on one valiantly again, and plenty more.

You knows it:

Cruise Elroy » Grim Fandango, Year 1
Expanding on group play of the title: 'I don’t think my incompetence is completely to blame, because to my mind some of the puzzles were pretty illogical.'

The Small Details - The Quixotic Engineer
'Unless you’re experienced with a genre, it’s very difficult to notice the small details that separate a decent game from a great one.'

Shoot The Core: Ultimate Shooting Collection for Wii
Interesting niche upcoming import: 'Priced at only $30, this disc will include Chaos Field, Radilgy, and Karous.'

Wonderland: Dark Room Sex Game (PNSFW)
'You won't want to play this at work due to the sounds, although on silent it's entirely harmless.'

Google Lively, yet another pointless virtual world. - By Farhad Manjoo - Slate Magazine
'In retrospect, I was a fool to mention Barack Obama in a place where I could get body-slammed.'

Kotaku: 'Indiecade 2008: Winterbottom! Gravitation! And More!'
Nice to see more coverage of this at places like the Kotak.

Jake 'virt' Kaufman's first Kwakfest YouTube video
The insane(ly good) game musician video narrates his goof-off 60-minute game competition MIDI jam.

List of Major Game Releases - giantbomb.com
I'm very impressed indeed with the Web 2.0-ness of Giant Bomb, which I thought was going to be YET another editorial site, but is something v. different.

YouTube - GameMaker-TV Interview
Indie game maker Cactus makes my mind melt - via IndieGames.

A Tree Falling in the Forest: Raising Games: Charles Dickens Edition
A little ranty, but good stuff from Keith Boesky.