It's the GameSetLinks o' the weekend, starting out with TIGSource's tribute to The Poppenkast, one of the neater cliques out there in indie game land.

What it represents is the tip of the iceberg regarding user-created content - in the sense that - arguably - what games really need are tools to allow artists to spontaneously create content without a lot of hard graft. And tools like Game Maker and Adventure Game Studio are starting to birth amazing pockets of creativity.

Onwards to the links:

The Independent Gaming Source: 'Poppenkast: 3 Hours to Fame'
Derek is right on the money here with The Poppenkast being dynamic, exciting, and underappreciated. Not sure about the beards, tho!

1UP: 'Little Kids, Big Business'
Even 1UP jumping on the free to play worlds express, conceptually.

Top Travel Spots For Game Fans -
'Gamers should make natural adventurers. So, given a $1,500 budget for a game-related vacation, where would they go?' Cute concept, at least.

Eegra: The Shindigger's Digest - THE FINAL COUNTDOWN
Interesting indie-style game competition entries over at ze Eeegra - screenshots only so far.

Contemporary Arcade Coffee Tables :: surface tension ::
Very stylish (pictured) - if $6000+ dollars and UK-only, youch - via ArcadeHeroes. - Duke Nukem Trilogy -E3 2008: Explosive Trailer
Redefining silly.

Kotaku: 'Major Minor's Majestic March E3 Trailer'
One of the few highlights of E3 for the alternative crowd.

auntie pixelante › super chuck norris bros.
'there’s something really compelling about the way super chuck norris bros. allows you to knock enemies out of the 2d plane and destroy previously-intangible background objects; to violate rules of super mario bros.'

ARGNet: Superstruct: (Re)Building Our Future
More McGoniweirdness!

Penny Arcade! - It's Just Like Being There
In case you're not a reader - pretty damn incisive on E3.