- The hive mind must bring you GameSetLinks, and it does so this time by revealing that Persona developer Atlus has also debuted an awesome new IP - that's right, it's a refrigerated UFO machine that dispenses ice cream (pictured, left!) Take that, Megaten fans!

Also wandering around here - lots of free games listed, why user-created may not always be the best, more Harmonix analysis, comparisons of console download services, and a little journalist mugging.

Tra la la:

Historical Studies of Digital Entertainment Media | How They Got Game
Ah, neat game academia folks (Lowood, Bittanti) booting up this new academic journal for next year: 'The theme for this first issue will be "Digital Games: Historical and Preservation Studies."'

...on pampers, programming & pitching manure: Player Created Content: Industry Created Glut
'I do worry, however, that many will fall by the wayside for lack of sufficient user-base to generate the content.'

365 days of free games | GamesRadar
The PC Gamer UK guys, including some RPS-ers, excel themselves.

Bringing Gaming (and Gamers) to Your Library: 100 Tips and Resources | OEDb
'When libraries offer gaming programs, there's often a very favorable response, but how do you go about getting started?'

The Story of Sega’s Oddest Game Ever | Edge Online
Aha, was talking about Segagaga the other day - here's the full skinny.

Juvenile Journalists - www.developmag.com
'Don’t pretend you’re making some sort of Suffragette protest when you’re simply throwing your toys out of the pram.'

Trends in Japan » UFO Catcher for ice cream hits Japan’s game centers
'ATLUS has developed the “Triple Catcher Ice”, THE state-of-the-art prize machine carrying the latest freezing technology'.

Poynter Online - Romenesko: 'Magazine ad sales fall 8.2% in the second quarter'
In the U.S. - tech ad spending down almost 20%, it says - shows why most game mags are in such dire straits. (Happily, Game Developer mag, in a non-consumer market, is doing just fine.)

Harmonix Music Systems | The A.V. Club
Second part of the Dahlen analysis we've mentioned before, great attention to detail here.

Developing for PS3 PlayStation Network (PSN): newretro.org
Good series from Alex Amsel - also see XBLA, WiiWare.