- The return of GameSetLinks at midnight, then, with a delightful semi-obsession with The Prisoner being one of the main - possibly non-game related - parts of today's post. Although maybe somebody would like to do a game version of The Prisoner remake? Yes plz!

Also in here somewhere - calculations on the PS3 and Xbox 720's total Gigafloppage, fanboys everywhere startled by the sound of ripping shrinkwrap, Eegra's indie game winners, morality in games, and much more.

Un deux trois:

Seven Degrees Of Freedom: A Parallel Future
'Looking at previous releases dates and performance I've put the next Xbox being released in 2010 with approximately 2 Teraflops (2,000 GFLOPS) and the PS4 at 2012 with 10 Teraflops.'

Introducing the Stephen M. Cabrinety Collection Blog | How They Got Game
Classic games, '...many still in shrinkwrap (which I remove)' - cue collectorgeek collapse, heh.

Eegra: 'First Annual Game Makin' Shindig WINNERS ANNOUNCED HOORAY'
Conor O'Kane, of 'Harpooned' fame, wins out. Sorry, spoiler!

About Microsoft Research: Faculty Summit 2008
With mentions of gaming research, featuring a... Wiimote! (Scroll down the age).

Morality in Murder: Giving weight to player actions « High Dynamic Range Lying
'It was not until I returned to Osaka that I really started to think about murder, violence and aggression in games, and the moral implications therein.'

Killing real people becomes a video game. - By William Saletan - Slate Magazine
'Raytheon looked at this mess and realized that civilian gamers had better equipment. So, it hired game developers to redesign drone operation.' Via Eating Bees.

IO9: 'The Prisoner: Seek The Six Viral Marketing Revealed'
ARG-ish teaser goings-on for a TV remake I'm looking forward to.

I review Virgin America's in-flight video games | Remowned
'Alternatively, the text to all reviews could read, “The framerate is unbearable.”' Remo on the case!

Obo's comment on GameSetWatch - GameSetLinks: Atlus Brings Us... Ice Cream?
'Byron's piece has had a paragraph excised.' Indeed it did.

Derek Powazek - 10 Ways Newspapers Can Improve Comments
Also very true for more formal game sites - #1 happens to be more or less exactly how we do it on Gamasutra, anonymity-wise. (Via Waxy)