[Vox Populi, a somewhat unexpected new development for GameSetWatch, is a new bi-weekly column discussing things we've heard - and things you've told us - about video games today, and video games in the future.]

Well, there was a first Vox Populi column, and shortly thereafter - there was a second. Which is this. As per usual, feel free to contribute - or if you don't care for that, just read and appreciate.

- You may know that Metal Gear Solid supremo Hideo Kojima is a bit of a fan of the Ubisoft Montreal-created Assassin's Creed. After all, there's an Altair costume in Metal Gear Solid 4, for starters. And now, Vox Populi has learned that Kojima has been visiting Ubisoft Montreal's offices this week. Friendly chat, or something more substantial? Make up your own mind.

- The edgy renaissance of EA Redwood Shores, currently in process with the distinctly adult Dead Space, seems to be continuing, according to job postings seen by Vox Populi. They discuss "a new M-rated action-adventure" in the early stages of production for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 - with "an Oscar-nominated writer" on board with plans to expand to turn the IP into a massive multi-media franchise. Maybe M is the new E for the EA Games label?

- Do you like Tinker-ing around? Apparently, our favorite Xbox 360 creators do, too, since Vox Populi has discovered a mysterious trademark registration for 'Tinker' by Microsoft - citing intention for use in relation with "game software for use on computers." And nope, Vox Populi has no idea what this is - anyone? Bueller?

- So far, you might know Electronic Arts' Montreal studio for cute Wii games like Boogie or distinctly grungier action games such as Army Of Two. But would you be surprised to know that the developer is also working on a new racing game for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360? That's what Vox Populi has heard - expect more details on it soon.

- So, about all this Halo MMO farrago. Vox Populi may have seen some glimpses of the much-hyped title, and has worked out the following. Firstly, the title was not in development at Bungie. Secondly, it - or at least, the version Vox Populi has seen - is no longer in development. And thirdly, you may be hearing more about the aforementioned defunct version soon.

[DISCLAIMER: Vox Populi is the voice of the people. Literally. So it lives on what it hears. Please send it information. It endeavors to ensure that the information in this entertaining missive is correct, but, citing an excellent, similar column in another medium: "All stories are sourced from well-connected individuals. But I urge you to use your judgment and remember, context is everything."]