SW1.jpg['Quiz Me Quik' is a weekly GameSetWatch column by journalist Alistair Wallis, in which he picks offbeat subjects in the game business and interviews them about their business, their perspective, and their unique view of life. This time, the inevitable E3 retrospective, from a distinctly different perspective.]

Growing up, I remember E3 being a pretty amazing, mystical event. I could never remember exactly when it was, but when it appeared in the game magazines I bought, it always meant big exciting things. Obviously, the whole event is now rather different to what it was, but it’s still a focal point for the industry, and still brings with it more than a fair share of announcements. This year was interesting – it might not have brought the games that people expected, but I think the word ‘interesting’ still more or less applies here.

But really, no one needs to read another twenty-something journalist with pretentions of grandeur prattling on about their view of the whole thing: “I really believe that this series of announcements represents a shift in the momentum of this generation of consoles in regards to the juxtaposition of core versus casual users blah blah blah”.

Especially now, a few days after it’s all over, and especially from one who sat at home in Adelaide and read about the whole thing hours after the press conferences were actually held. It’s not that I don’t care, but quite frankly, I’ve done the whole writing about E3 at 6am Australian Central Standard time thing. I’d rather just sleep.

I thought I’d spare you the systematic pseudo-intellectualised babble. After all, as I keep saying, this is Quiz Me Qwik, not Masturbatory Analytical Journo Hour, though that is a very good name for a column and I hope Simon is making a note of that somewhere so he can use it later.

Anyways, we’re going to take a look at E3 from a very different perspective. Like I said, it was a very spectacle when I was younger, and it occurred to me: it wasn’t just me, was it? Or just that era? So I asked my nine year-old cousin Steven to do me a little favour.

For the events of E3, Steven was to take note of the announcements, and at the end of the week, I would interview him to see what he thought of the whole thing. Originally, I asked him to try and stay up and watch the press conferences – generally on at around 2am ACST – but his mother suggested that might not be the most awesome idea ever, even though he was on school holidays this week.

Actually, what she really said was: ‘Alistair, he’s a nine year-old boy! Do you really think that’s a good idea? Really? Christ - honestly, Alistair, I fear for the day when you have children.’ But nevermind. I managed to work past those issues, and give Steven a call to get the inside word on whether or not E3 still really is the magical event I remember it being.

GSW: Hi Steven.

Steven Wallis: Hi. Are you recording?

GSW: Yes.

SW: Cool.

GSW: Yeah, I guess. So did you check out some of the stuff about E3?

SW: Yep.

GSW: Great – let’s start from the top of the week, then. Did you see any of the Microsoft conference?

SW: Sorta.

GSW: Sorta?

SW: Yeah, sorta. I read about the good bits.

GSW: Okay, so what would you consider to be the highlights of the conference?

SW: Huh?

GSW: What were the good bits?

SW: The Mii things were cool.

GSW: Well, technically they're not Miis, but yeah. What did you think of the new dashboard?

SW: What's that?

GSW: Um, that dashboard, you know? What you see when you turn the 360 on.

SW: Are they changing it?

GSW: Yeah.

SW: Why?

GSW: I'm not really sure. [Pause] So, what about the end of it?

SW: What happened at the end again?

GSW: They announced that Final Fantasy XIII is coming to Xbox 360 as well as PlayStation 3.

SW: Really? Cool. I didn't know that.

GSW: Um, yeah. Well, it is. How do you feel about that?

SW: It's pretty cool, I guess.

GSW: Yeah. Did you see much of the Nintendo press conference?

SW: I read some stuff about it.

GSW: Yeah? What did you think?

SW: Seemed pretty cool. I can't wait to play the new Animal Crossing, cause talking to people will be awesome.

GSW: Yeah, you liked the DS one a heap when you played it at my place, didn't you?

SW: Yeah, it was cool.

GSW: Yeah. What about the Grand Theft Auto for DS that was announced?

SW: Is it really coming to DS?

GSW: Yeah.

SW: Awesome!

GSW: Yeah. What about Sony?

SW: I dunno. Didn't really find anything cool about it.

GSW: God of War III? You liked God of War II, didn't you?

SW: Oh yeah! That's going to be cool.

GSW: Yeah, so anything else catch your eye?

SW: Not really.

GSW: Okay. [Pause] Well, all up, was E3 a magical experience?

SW: I dunno. Kinda. It was alright.