Finishing up the GameSetLinks - that is to say, the best original writing from big sister site Gamasutra and our other website-based endeavors this week, we start off with a pretty neat interview with Grasshopper's Masafumi Takada.

Also flecked into this particular mix - some initial info on Diablo III from Paris, Web 2.0 vs games with Tom Armitage, Ubisoft on putting the 'z' in Dogz, fluid dynamics in games, games that have real-world reactions, and more...

A hoy hoy:

Masafumi Takada: Grasshopper's Musical Craftsman
"Masafumi Takada is possibly the breakout Japanese game composer of recent years - soundtracking cult titles Killer7 and No More Heroes and contributing to the Smash Bros and Resident Evil series - Gamasutra goes in-depth with him on his art."

In-Person: Diablo 3's Unveiling In Paris
"Gamasutra was at Blizzard's Worldwide Invitational in Paris to see the unveiling of Diablo 3 - following the official announcement, we have an in-person look at the return of the seminal franchise. [UPDATE: Lead designer Jay Wilson talks narrative, replayability through randomness.]"

Innovations In Character: Personalizing RPGs
"In this detailed design piece, researcher Tychsen looks to tabletop RPGs for inspiration on the best ways to create compelling characters - and lasting experiences - for video games."

Q&A: Inside The House Of Disgaea
"Increasingly well-known in recent years for its strategy RPG series, Nippon Ichi Software is preparing for the North American release of Disgaea 3 on PlayStation 3 - and Gamasutra probes the developer and franchise with producer Souhei Niikawa and lead programmer Masahiro Yamamoto."

Practical Fluid Dynamics: Part 1
"In this technical article originally printed in Game Developer magazine, Neversoft co-founder Mick West looks at how to efficiently implement fluid effects - from smoke to water and beyond - in video games, with example code."

Headshift's Armitage: Games Must Relinquish Control To Players
"Is the game industry becoming too insular and ignoring the trends of the social web? Gamasutra spoke to web developer Tom Armitage, whose firm has worked on social website projects with the BBC, Channel 4, and The Saatchi Gallery, and who stressed that developers and console certification needs to adapt to allow rapid iteration."

Persuasive Games: Performative Play
"Most games let you change things on screen. But how about the real world? Writer/designer Ian Bogost looks at Pain Station, World Without Oil and an RPG piggy bank to explore games that affect our everyday lives directly."

Q&A: Ubisoft's Galarneau On The Rise Of The Petz
"For French-headquartered publisher Ubisoft, its Petz casual game series has now sold more than 13 million units - and it's so vital that Ubisoft Montreal has taken the Wii version of Dogz 2008 in-house. Gamasutra talks to producer Benoit Galarneau on the series..."

Life In Vegas: Surreal's Alan Patmore On Open World Innovation
"Surreal's open-world title This Is Vegas is a vital game for publisher Midway - and studio head Alan Patmore talks in-depth to Gamasutra on code sharing and the art of designing sandbox games."

Heavy Rain's Cage: Games Stuck In Primitive Emotional Range
"At a recent Gamasutra-attended symposium in France, Quantic Dream's David Cage (Indigo Prophecy, Heavy Rain) and Lexis Numerique's Eric Viennot discussed immersion in gaming, with Cage suggesting that more "sophisticated" emotions are still lacking from the medium."

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