Time for weekend GameSetLinks, innit, and some of the highlights this time include another look at (the pictured!) Game Center CX, as well as Ikea infiltrating The Sims 2 with a new furniture pack.

Also in there somewhere - snaps from Street Fighter: The Movie game, the retailer-exclusive debut of Soul Bubbles, and the Gregorian chant trend that Halo begat - or at least helped to accelerate.

Cha cha chaaaaa:

Japan's Cult Hit Retro Game Show Debuts in English | Game | Life from Wired.com
More Game Center CX write-up goodness.

Simprograms » The Sims 2 Ikea Home Stuff trailer
Amazing how popular virtual furniture can be - and The Sims is an offline franchise that proves that as much as Habbo does online, of course..

'Knights of the Sandbox City' - Develop
Owain Bennallack iscussing his views on '...the inevitable coming of Sir Sam Houser, or Dan Houser OBE.' Gotta love the British honors system!

Heiligenkreuz Journal - Sacred Songs Sell, Drawing Attention to Their Source - NYTimes.com
'More recently, the use of chant on the popular video game Halo has piqued interest [in Gregorian chant]'. Marty O'Donnell quoted!

The Independent Gaming Source: Procedural Generation Competition results
Really impressive titles entered here - check 'em all out, if you have a chance.

Crispy Gamer - Column: I Call Bullshit: User-Created Conflict
On removing the Sporn: 'This bugs me all the more when it comes to Spore. The whole point of Spore is freedom.'

THE MAKING OF… Carmageddon : Edge
A tragically under-rated title, glad to see Edge giving it a retrospective look.

Earth Times: 'Soul Bubbles: Available Exclusively at Your Local Toys 'R' Us Store'
Wow, a Toys R Us exclusive DS game? Wacky, I wonder if this says something about an overheated DS market.

Water Cooler Games - Simulating Torture
'The gruesomeness of The Torture Game pales in comparison to the history and present of real torture.'

A L A N - N O O N: Follow up: Street Fighter The Movie
Awesome pictures of mocap sessions for the slightly terrible game-movie-game thing - via GameLife.