- Some more GameSetLinks up your wazoo, happily, starting out with the marvelous concept that is Dungeon Runners' 'bling gnome' (pictured). I'm pretty sure I want one of these in real life, picking up behind me.

Also in here in various different link-type things - the return of the Crystal Castles controversy, Kindle and lessons from digital distribution, silly animated GIFs, and an educative Wii/cooking crossover.

Go go go:

WarCry Network : News : Dungeon Runners: All About the Bling Gnome
'Similar to its cousin, the Garden Gnome, the Bling Gnome is a tricked-up helper gnome with a bit of attitude that will follow your character around and pick up all the gold dropped on the ground.'

Indie Game Review Panel [June Edition] by Game Tunnel
Aha, the return of THE PANEL, awesome

Why journalists must learn the values of the blogging revolution | Greenslade | guardian.co.uk
'Of course, there should be no distinction between [journalists and citizens]. But journalists still wish to see themselves as a class apart.'

GameTap Indies homepage
Now has an IndieGames.com feed on it, that's pretty cool.

Torontoist: People Who Live In Crystal Castles…
Absolutely awesome Mathew Kumar piece about the chiptune sampling controversy.

Hands-On: User-Gen Xbox Games Are Rough but Promising | Game | Life from Wired.com
Interesting - I wonder why the PC indie scene is making much more vibrant stuff right now tho?

:: Blizzplanet :: WWI Teaser - Day Two
Incredibly elaborate teaser things going on here - either from Blizzard or in fans' heads!

...on pampers, programming & pitching manure: Kindle(ing) for Games Industry?
Kim Pallister comparing a post on the Kindle's lack of 'connected content' with "...digital distribution as it pertains to games."

'Kart We Can Believe In' animated gif @ ErrorMacro
Very cute goofy Nintendo ad vs McCain mashup.

Wii Night! : One-handed, energy-charged bites for a marathon session - CHOW
The cooking/Wii crossover strikes again.