- Bonjour, my friends, and welcome to another fun-filled set of GameSetWatch links - headed by the news that the awesome Game Center CX series has an English-language licensor showing it at the New York Asian Film Festival. Please, obscure cable channel, pick this up?

Also wandering around in here - a cute Zangief doll (pictured), the world of the game intern, the Rock Band leaderboards analyzed, what Japanese developers tend to say, an unlove letter to Data Design, and lots more.

Scissors, paper, shark:

insert credit :: View topic - Videogames On The Big Screen At The New York Asian Film Fest
An English-subtitled version of Game Center CX, plus the Oneechambara movie, both being covered for GSW soon by our own Matt Hawkins, yay.

chewing pixels » Dodge, Block, Counter: Interviewing the Japanese
'Many Japanese staff display a politician-esque ability for question-dodging.' Indeed!

Spacetime Studios: 'How to Intern at a Game Development Studio'
'Being an intern in the gaming industry isn’t what many people think.'

Terra Nova: A New Virtual World Winter?
'Are we already seeing the early sign of a Virtual Worlds downturn that may lead to a "winter" as severe as the one in the period 2000-2003?' Probably not, depends on your definition of virtual worlds, mind you.

Terrible Video Games And Other Stuff » Blog Archive » Gaming’s Worst - Data Design Games
Including a letter to Data Design about their 'awesome' Wii titles.

The Triforce » Blog Archives » Me playing Guitar Hero in front of 30,000* people at the Isle of Wight Festival
Magic, or tragic, trend-wise? I think it's cool, but it'd be cooler if it was Rock Band, I'm such a snob.

VGChartz.com | X-Box Live Arcade Charts for 6/14/08 - Top 135 (C3 ~11.6k, F2 ~1.0k)
'I don't have solid numbers for debuts of other, early XBLA titles, but Frogger 2 has to rank somewhere near the worst ever debut.'

videogaming247 » Blog Archive » The 10 most influential games journalists in Britain today
Decent list of competents, U.S. list coming soon, too!

'The Red Cyclone' at The Way Things Are
Very adorable homemade Zangief Munny-style doll, yay.

We Can Fix That with Data / Rock Band DLC Stats
'In addition to your friends’ scores, Rock Band song leaderboards provide some interesting business data.' Good extrapolation here.