As the weekend grinds to an inexorable halt, a plethora of GameSetLinks are upon us, with one of the more fun being the (pictured) concept of a nutritional-style label for video games.

Of course, the ESRB descriptors do this in a more advisory, statutory type way in terms of 'forbidden' content, but it is indeed an interesting, oddly alluring concept to have gameplay mechanics described that way. And this weirdness is twinned with 'Sabotage' videos in Halo 3, Scrum and pre-production, and a lot of other stuff, yay.

Go go gadget:

T=Machine » Scrum … and Production, Pre-Production in games
'I see this as one of the interesting unanswered questions with Scrum for games dev.'

Wakeup Throwing Since 1994: Video Game "Nutrition" Facts
'So what if video games had a similar "nutrition" label based on the core elements of that video game?'

Hardcore Gaming 101 - special Treasure game focus
Doesn't seem to be a master index for it, but you can see all the games listed in the 6/24 update!

Lost Garden: Shade: A game prototyping challenge
My wife, also a redhead, finds this hiiiilarious/brilliant.

What They Play - Blog - Entertainment Weekly Ranks Video Games In New Classics Issue
Nice to see EW mentioning games, actually.

Jared Rea: 'Don’t You Get Souped Yet at The Way Things Are'
'Chris Sauer has recreated one of the greatest music videos of all time, Beastie Boy’s “Sabotage,” in Halo 3 and I think it’s adorable.'

Write the Game » Help! I’ve built my game - now what?
'You have to be a bit more imaginative - and exploit the fickle and viral nature of the internet.'

8bitrocket:Home Computer Wars Alpha Mission: Post Mortem for a Failed Viral Flash Game
'In the game you would play a trusty Atari 800 computer. You would battle the likes of TI99, Apple II, Commodore 64 and the IBM PC.'

GameDaily Biz: 'Media Coverage: The Critical Divide'
'Games are reaching the tipping point where more customers are casual consumers – the kind who have a harder time sniffing out quality.'

Ten Things Everyone Should Know About Space Invaders from
Benj Edwards looks at the classic Taito franchise.