- Ambling into the GameSetWeekend, we're proud to debut some new GameSetLinks - starting off with some more discussions from the makers of 'Grand Theft Childhood' on the new instalment in the series - at least from a theoretical standpoint!

Elsewhere in this particular parcel of joy - Gnome's Lair talks to a gloriously homebrew adventure game veteran, Boing Boing Gadgets busts out a neat exergaming history, and we learn something useful from Nordic Game, fermentation-wise.

Ready, set, gone:

Grand Theft Childhood Author Weighs in on GTA IV — Open Education
'This is strikingly similar to the concerns over and editorials against comic books, radio, gangster films and—back in the late 19th century—the evil influence of paperback novels on teenage girls.'

the random Gnomes' random Lair: 'a few gnomish questions / The Balrog of Zenobi'
'Zenobi Software, the Rochdale Balrog, the Cat and the Cockroach were responsible for over two hundred excellent -nay, classic- ZX Spectrum text-adventures' - interview ensues, the Zenobi site also worth checking for awesome British text adventure oddness!

GameTap : [Playlist of the Week] - Randy Pitchford
Gearbox's Pitchfork (haha!) digs uber-cult Mechner title The Last Express, intriguingly.

Don't fear the Mutant photoblogs Ste Curran at Nordic Game
...featuring an important equation!

auntie pixelante › change ain’t cheap
Dessgeega and [email protected] part ways, due to design differences - some interesting discussions in the comments about 'grinding' on traditional games vs. alternatives.

From Atari Joyboard to Wii Fit: 25 years of "exergaming" - Boing Boing Gadgets
Nice - quite similar (but more web-specific!) to Noah Falstein's recent Games For Health Conf lecture! Via der Waxometer!

Space Invaders 360 @ZKM Besucherfest [Update] | toblux blog a.k.a. toblog
Neat art alert: 'Space Invaders 360 is a tribute to the ’70s and ’80s where a good video game didn’t need a 3D-Shader or a 256bit rendering-pipeline to spend hours of joy and fun.'

Last Exit Magazine « Love in Game-space
Aw, Animal Crossing - via The-Inbetween.

Origin Systems - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Didn't know that Britt Daniel (lead singer of Spoon) used to work as a composer for Origin - wacky.

Twitter / N'Gai Croal: 14:59 Watch: Recognized by ...
Journalist or... celebrajournalist? Ascending into Keighley-space!