- Ah yes, some midweek GameSetLink-age fun - and this time, we have a massive span, from the California Extreme arcade show announce to some more of David Hellman's wonderful (pictured) sketch-style art for XBLA title Braid.

Also in here - Joel Reed Parker compiling game box art as only he knows best, in order to make a point about the amount of Nintendo DS and Wii game clones out there right now.

Sometimes I think there's somebody using a cover art generator to produce subtly variant game boxes directly into my local Target store! (Not that this is VERY different to most other media, but hey.)

Anyhow, you want links:

Gism Butter » Blog Archive » California Extreme 2008 Scheduled
Roll on July.

ARGNet: An Emergen-C at Holomove
Microsoft-related ARG of some kind?

Functional Autonomy » Blog Archive » Compulsion, Cheating and Transliteracy
'There’s often now a medium and a means that will cater to your exact ability and interest level on a given thing without demanding more of you.'

gamebunny » Blog Archive » Street Gears: Rollerblade MMO
'Gala Networks Europe and NFlavor Corp. (makers of RAPPELZ) have announced their latest free-to-play MMO... are you ready for STREET GEARS - the extreme rollerblading MMO?'

GameOfTheBlog.com: How could the DS market possibly be in danger of an 'Atari Crash'?
Heh, Joel compiles the DS brain, crossword games, cover montage stylee.

DESIGNER NOTES » Blog Archive » Risk: Black Ops
Soren Johnson on an update of the classic version: 'Risk is a funny game. Almost everyone who is a gamer of some sort has played it, but almost no one continues to play it.'

David Hellman » Blog Archive » The Art of Braid, Part VIII: Tim’s House
'Home serves several functions, and as a result was a complex and interesting area to design.'

The Cut Scene - Video Game Blog by Variety: THQ sold $1 billion of Nickelodeon games? We've known that for three months
Fair comment - sometimes it's difficult to recall what has been announced, but that's no excuse.

Welcome to Special Round: 'Pinball Week Episode 2.5 - Williams Promo Videos'
Oo, lots of cheesy promos for classic Lawlor pins.

Technology Review: Biologists Enlist Online Gamers
'Players of a new game will design HIV vaccines and other proteins.' Via Wonderland.