- Hurray, time to spool out more GameSetLinks, headed by an interesting report on the state of the game biz in New York - at least partly affected by those horrid Manhattan rents, heehee.

Elsewhere - some awesome demoparty videos, the Thatgamecompany folks making a neat Variety list, a completely unnecessary but still awesome Milk & Cheese cartoon strip (as a blatant attempt to get someone to do a M&C game), the inevitable Forumwarz mention, and much mooore.

Cheese smaaaaash:

Center for an Urban Future: New York
...has a new report (see linked PDF) on New York and the video game biz, which is pretty interesting and well-researched.

Funware’s threat to the traditional video game industry » VentureBeat
'Call it Funware. That’s the name for applications with game-like mechanics and game-like behavior that really aren’t traditional video games.'

Satori: Joining GreenScreen Interactive
Former GDMag EIC Mark DeLoura signs up with the new publisher, neat.

MySpace.com - Dark Horse Presents - new Evan Dorkin Milk & Cheese mini-comic
I simply mention this (furry ridicule aside) because someone needs to commission a Telltale Sam & Max-style episodic Milk & Cheese game, like, yesterday. If not the day before.

defective yeti: Computer Games I Have Known And Loved
A random and smart non-game blogger picks interesting stuff - Skyrates and ForumWarz, for example.

The Shifted Librarian » Present at GLLS2008!
'We’ve opened the Call for Presenters for the 2008 ALA TechSource Gaming, Learning, and Libraries Symposium which will take place on November 2-4, 2008, in the Chicago area.'

ASCII by Jason Scott: Blockparty: The Competitions and Awards
The U.S. demoparty gets an amazing video compilation.

Kellee Santiago and Jenova Chen - 10 Innovators to Watch - Variety
Awesome, the ThatGameCompany folks make Variety's 'people to watch in entertainment' list.

The Pros of Cons (GAMBIT)
'Bottom line: no one is happy when someone tries to give a lecture on a roller coaster.' Great piece - the GDC folks are well aware and reacting to this.