- Whee, time for some weekend GameSetLink-age, headed by a peek into Marc 'Head Headcrab' Laidlaw's blog for news on an exciting movie project he's involved in - yes, that's him on the left from a few years back, not Gordon Freeman.

Also hanging out in there - the Mercury News' Antonucci being sniffy about GTA IV's story, an interesting Gamecock-related ARG, and GameSpy riffing off Bill Fulton's Gamasutra article on online gaming idiots - pshaw.

Therefore, onward:

Not So Few Monstrosities » Blog Archive » Heavy Metal Mystery
Whoa, Valve's main Half-Life story guy Marc Laidlaw has written one of the segments to David Fincher's new Heavy Metal animated movie? Extreeemely cool.

auntie pixelante › not kids anymore
'the average player and consumer of games is no longer a child, it’s the adult who was that child playing nes games on a small, fuzzy tv.'

YouTube - Pioneer's 2008 Montage Video for its plasma TVs/AV receivers
Including Pandemic's Carey Chico as one of the auteurs, alongside cinematographers, etc - always good to see games equally rated as a visual artform.

GameTap Indies homepage
The subscription/ad supported service now has a homepage for their indie content - yay.

YouTube - 'Cup Of Brown Joy' - Elemental
Via RPS, and totally irrelevant to games - except I mailed Kyle Gray about it, since his semi-sekrit EA DS game is totally about tea-drinking British colonials. He dug it.

GameSpy: Toxicity in Our City
'Xbox Live becoming unpleasant for newcomers? But how could this be?!' Riffing off Bill Fulton's recent Gamasutra article.

Interview: Metanet - Independent Minds : Next Generation/Edge
'[By coder/noncoder metrics] Introversion is screwed. They’re the Sex Pistols of gaming? They’re the Sex Pistols if there was one Johnny Rotten with four Malcolm McLarens.' Ooo... SNAP!

ARGNet: Velvet Assassin Sent Us Alternate Reality Gaming Gold
About "...Gamecock Media Group's new alternate reality game promoting Velvet Assassin, a stealth action game coming soon to XBox360s and PCs."

Accidental Scientist: How to Build Team Morale & Cohesion by Goofing Off
As practiced at Surreal: 'It's also great for getting information on the team's status in a way that isn't formalized, allowing you to fix problems before they become real issues.'

'The non-existent GTA IV story' - San Jose Mercury News
Nooch: 'It’s as clear now as it was from the start that the game is devoid of a meaningful narrative.'