- Hurray, some marvellous and complementary GameSetLinks, starting out with the N creators talking about their from-scratch re-engineering on the 'mythical' next Metanet game, Robotology.

Also in here - discussion on the Sony-commissioned PS3 demo, as well as 'the 8 online design commandments' from HDRLying and Stephen Colbert battling Asian idols on Dance Dance Revolution.

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Robotology: Back to the Drawing Board | metablog
'As with physics, we’re developing our own animation technology from scratch.' Invented tech custom fun!

Music Bounce: walkthrough, review, discussion, hints and tips at Jay is Games
An odd but v.interesting music-oriented bouncing puzzler - via The New Gamer.

GameSpite: 'Metal Gear Solid 4-play'
Parish gets a little doomy, aww. 'Seriously, guys, do something better with your life than write about video games. Let me your living cautionary tale.' Also see next post.

Make It Big In Games » Blog Archive » An Itch That Can’t Be Scratched"Make It Big In Games"
Interesting, GarageGames's Jeff Tunnell is leaving - wondering if InstantAction's lack of buzz (not saying lack of success yet, just buzz) has played a factor.

[UPDATE: Jeff Tunnell responds in our comments: "Your speculation about why I left GarageGames could not be further from the truth. Instant Action has hundreds of thousands of users already in its early Beta state. I am leaving to MAKE games for IA among other things." Fair enough, then!]

SCEA Pre-E3 Judge's Day: Linger In Shadows Impressions
Yep, the Sony-funded PS3 demo, with some 'playable' bits, oddly!

YouTube - Dance Battle: Rain VS Stephen Colbert
Yes, they play Dance Dance Revolution. Yes, I am disturbed.

The 8 Online Design Commandments « High Dynamic Range Lying
'Gameplay is not the only death sentence an online competitive game can contract.'

Level Up : 180 Degrees: How Vic Davis Forged a Template For Indie Success With Armageddon Empires, Part I
Previously skipped this because I thought it was an interview, but it actually has some of the best sales data on indie games and online notoriety that I've seen - you can compare outlet comments and sales spikes.

Art and Entertainment: Exclusively and Mutually Inexclusive « Desert Hat
'So the perceived barrier between art and entertainment is something that some would say is a result of our Puritan culture.'

damned vulpine » Helix
J. tested a new WiiWare game which is another example of the intriguing but honestly slightly iffy-looking Wii downloadable output - a lot of the upcoming games look like oldskool PC shareware, and I have no idea why. Might play great tho!