- Hurrah, a good chunk of GameSetLinks for the almost-weekend, and there's a whole bunch of neat stuff in here - starting with some interesting diagrams of the history of console controllers.

Also in here - some more commentary on Guitar Hero IV and the Devecka patents, a good set of WiiWare articles, me whining about the spelling of Grand Theft Auto IV's lead character, and much more!

Avant and avast:

the-inbetween.com [ Revisionist Gaming History ]
'I like this illustration showing the (incomplete) history of videogame console controllers.' Me also - from a MoMA exhibition.

Game Informer snags first pic of Guitar Hero IV drums - Joystiq
Most interestingly, the GI article (scan, sorry!) specifically mentions the Devecka patents that I uncovered last October. Iiiiinteresting.

Nintendo Taps U.S. Talent in Search of WiiWare Hits | Game | Life from Wired.com
Good summing up of pluses, minuses of WiiWare to date for indies.

Niko Bellic is a Serbian name? - Yahoo! Answers
The spelling of the GTA IV protagonist's name really bothers me - I think it should be Niko Belic, it looks 'wrong' to me with two 'l's. Anyone else? Bueller?

Kotaku: 'Rumor Smash: SNK USA Is So Not Closing Down'
This SNK Japan quote is hilariously, deliciously unfiltered.

chewing pixels ยป A Cautionary Tale for the Young Games Writer
Some addition commentary by Simon Parkin on his recent GSW column (if you scroll down) that's worth reading: 'This is no industry for old men.'

Sightseeing in Liberty City - a set on Flickr
'A side by side comparison of a photo tour in New York City and Liberty City.'

pixelate environment - Mr. Bounce Trailer
The 'Understanding Games' guys are preparing a pretty trippy physics-y Arkanoid-style Flash game for Kongregate.

Wired's WiiWare Launch Guide | Game | Life from Wired.com
Kudos again to Kohler for going the extra mile and giving useful game impressions.

GameSpot News: 'PressSpotting: Rockin' out with MTV's Stephen Totilo'
Heartily agreed on the comments about journalists going into development.