- Ah yes - a few more GameSetLinks, started off by the ScottishGames interview with the intriguing Scotsmen at Outerlight - The Ship is a surprisingly under-rated title, incidentally.

Also in here - the latest extrapolated XBLA stats, browser based ASCII Rogue-likes, GDC T-shirts as nappies, and a bunch of other pieces of neatness.

Ah yes, the cha cha cha:

ScottishGames.biz: The Ship 2: Electric Boogaloo - An Interview With Outerlight
Good interview: 'Edinburgh-based developer Outerlight caused quite a stir with their first title, The Ship, a game based around assassination and murder, set on an art deco steamer.'

VGChartz.com | 'Xbox Live Arcade Sales Top 100 - 5/24/08 (PAA ~16.5k!!!)'
'Penny Arcade Adventures broke a year-long stranglehold on the highest-grossing debut, beating 'Worms HD' out by $50,000 in the 3 day opening.'

You Can’t Fake Quality, But That Never Stops Them from Trying (Magical Wasteland)
On quality, review scores, and credibility, from the inside.

'A Dorito Called Quest' at Lepus Lepidus
Mysterious ARGs, mysterious chips - yummy.

Moogle.net » Blog Archive » Advice for the Aspiring Games Creator
'Here are five simple rules…and a qualifier in case you think any of it is as easy as it looks.'

Wonderland: Old conference tee nappies
Yay, GDC nappies - am showing the people who designed the tee, they will be tickled.

:: Temple of the Roguelike :: » Blog Archive » A couple of simple applet roguelikes
Really interesting web applet-based ASCII Roguelikes, including one with "..directional FOV for both players and monsters, as well as hearing and running."

Results from James Portnow's Game Design Challenge: WWII - GameCareerGuide.com
This continues to be a very entertaining weekly competition on sister site GCG - nice going, guys.

Emily Gould - 'Exposed' - NYTimes.com
On blogging, Gawker, and oversharing - something all bloggers (even game bloggers) struggle with.

'Picturehouse, WIP to close shop' - Variety
Only just heard about this, but interesting cos a) Picturehouse put out 'King Of Kong' and b) there's some interesting indie film/indie game comparisons to be made.