- Though we do cross-post a number of our more 'freeform' interviews from big sister site Gamasutra (and other sites like Game Career Guide) across here, if you just read GSW, and don't wade through all the 'conventional' industry news on Gama, there's a few things you will have missed every week.Thus, this post!

Highlights include a long and intriguing Ken Levine piece, a slightly wacky 'underutilized licenses' list (from whence the Ninja Warrior TV show, logo pictured above, is plucked), and a neat casual game postmortem.

Thus, let's go on a crosslink trip (first couple of link comments by Gama editor Christian Nutt):

Ken Levine on BioShock's Narrative Drive
"BioShock is loved for many things, but the way in which it tells its story is chief among them. Here, Levine discusses exactly the thinking and techniques that lead to that. He’s a good talker – it’s an engaging read. 'It's about damaging not the character, but damaging the player. I think insulting the player is something... to put the knife in his back, not just the character's back. Because every game has the knife go in the character's back.'"

Dungeons & Dragons: The Pen and Paper Video Game
"We’re still mulling over the impact Gary Gygax had on video games. Here, Volition designer Alvan Monje posits that it’s wider than the usual assumption of Final Fantasy and Oblivion. 'In creating Dungeons & Dragons, Gygax and co-creator Dave Arneson didn't just build a blueprint for the digital RPGs to come; they built the progentor of most contemporary video games, irrespective of genre.'"

The Top 20 Underutilized Licenses
"Time for a Gamasutra thought experiment - what books, comics, movies, and dormant game franchises richly deserve to be made into games? The site's editors have banded together, locked horns, and produced this no doubt debatable result."

Student Postmortem: SCAD's Project Loyola Alternate Reality Game
"Can student game developers pull off an alternate reality game? Is there enough information out there for them to coordinate and run such a project? Jeff McNab and students at SCAD thought they might try, and if all else fails, they plan to document their experience and share their findings with the ARG community of developers."

Sponsored Feature: Interoperability and Autodesk FBX Technology
"In this Autodesk-sponsored article, Games for Autodesk senior industry manager Michel Kripalani explains the fundamentals of the company's FBX technology, which allows developers to transfer 3D data types -- motion, cameras, characters, skeletal hierarchies, as well as 2D, audio, and video media -- across a wide range of 2D and 3D applications."

Interview: The State Of GameStop
"How is the pre-eminent U.S. specialty game retailer doing in this bumper year for games? GameStop VP Chris Olivera sat down with Gamasutra during a recent tournament event to talk worldwide expansion and acquisitions, in-store marketing efforts, and the rise of digital distribution."

Postmortem: Kat Games' Dream Chronicles by Miguel Tartaj
"Casual title Dream Chronicles has helped to introduce classic Myst-style adventure gaming to the PC casual market, and in this exclusive Gamasutra postmortem, creator Tartaj explains its genesis."