- Yay, back to the working week, and it's time to check out some notable GameSetLinks - headed by my brief trip into the demo-scene to discover a fascinating souped-up Spectrum emulator.

Actually, I'm trying to find someone to write a regular demo-scene column for GSW, realizing that there's still some neat stuff going on there (if you know anyone, ping us at the address in the sidebar!)

But in the meantime, there's also some Surfer Girl attack and a little gaming in libraries neatness in the rest of these links:

Welcome to Special Round: Pinball Week Part 2 - Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection
I've been playing this more on PSP, and it really is worth checking out.

Are you in to robotics? - Xbox Live's Major Nelson
New Silverlight-powered Microsoft AI/robotics webgame competition. Interesting.

Cartoon Brew: Leading the Animation Conversation » The Art of Pixar’s Short Films
References the excellent Droidmaker book, which has a bunch of LucasArts crossover things in it. Also, the evolution of CG animation is vital to the evolution of 3D gaming, one suspects.

TF2 Karaoke: My Heart Will Go On on Vimeo » Brad Sucks
Delicious ironic counterpoint, sweep me over the bow!

Surfer Girl Reviews Star Wars: Why Games Journalism is Frowned Upon 101: Lesson One: McIGN
Some complaints here, some fair - IGN not mentioning/linking where the Retro reports came from is a bit meh, for starters.

The Shifted Librarian » Does Gaming Promote Reading?
'Librarians are well-positioned to provide the environment, expertise, and scaffolding necessary for literacy, and gaming enhances that environment.'

Gaming History « Broken Toys
On 'Play The News': 'I think what bothers me the most about all this is that the game maker essentially has abdicated any responsibility for making a decision.'

Company Profile… Lovedelic « Lovedelic Life
Celebrating the more avantgarde Japanese dev obscurities, on a new blog.

Pouet.net: 'Pimp My Spectrum' 64k intro by ate bit
Completely awesome demo-scene creation - Xzibit vs. Sir Clive Sinclair, using a souped and hacked-up Spectrum emulator - check the YouTube version if you can't run it.

scene.org - BreakPoint 08 videos
Full video of the Scene.org demo-scene awards - did nobody upload this to YouTube? Hmm.