- Yay for weekend GameSetLinks. Yay for bright sun and opportunity to play missed Xbox Live Arcade titles. Yay. Wait, do I have to be more cogent than that?

Fair enough - highlights in here somewhere include Kyle Orland's somewhat hidden GameSpot redeemo-journo column, Maggie Greene and Margaret Robertson busting out some high-level concepts, and the shiny, shiny teeth of Henk Rogers. And them's the breaks:

The Independent Gaming Source: Trials 2 Second Edition
Oo, Elastomania's spiritual kid for PC, with pretty graphics.

Kotaku: 'Going Off the Deep End: Has Gaming Grown Up?'
Great Maggie Greene article: 'The fact we have "great stories" — great games, great genres, great tropes — is what makes me think it wouldn't take much to bump stories up a notch.'

Hit Self-Destruct: 'Closer'
'Video gaming is exactly like Quantum Leap, by the way.'

GameSpot News: Kyle Orland rounds up April for games press fun
Wow, I hadn't seen the passive-aggressive Cooking Mama 2 note from a Majesco staffer.

The Escapist : Footprints
Gillen on Mucky Foot, who were rather fun for a bit.

Lookspring » Monotony
'Since we have plenty boring-gameplay games already, and plenty boring-story games already, can’t we make more games that are boring to look at?'

Siliconera » Harry Potter and the unlicensed Famicom shmup

Strange Journeys » Starcraft vs Company of Heroes, WoW vs Every Other MMORPG
'The core of the question is this: if another WoW or Starcraft came out today–and by that I mean a game equally well designed, executed, etc.–would they succeed even one-half as much?'

IGN: Gyrostarr Preview
Oo, High Voltage goes psychedelic for WiiWare - via The2Bears.

Interview with Henk Rogers, video game visionary, on saving the planet » VentureBeat
The Black Onyx/Tetris co-conspirator rocks.