- Time to start the week with linkage, then, and our GameSetLinks neatness starts out with GameDaily talking to the New York Times' games critic as part of the new-skool Media Coverage column, for starters.

Also notable - a fun fan-filmed account of the worldwide shooter tournament at a recent classic gaming convention, plus a Flash-based spirograph and a whole other plethora of goodness. Please to enjoy:

News: CVG Magazine returns! - ComputerAndVideoGames.com
For game-specific specials in the UK, starting with GTA IV - but neat news! Via Bittanti.

Eidos Montreal to make Thief 4? | Rock, Paper, Shotgun: For The Purposes of Ballyhoo
Linking solely because Gillen riffs about Terracide (pictured), which I, uhh, actually worked on.

Shoot The Core: World Shmup Open 08
Really fun YouTube doc of the Midwest Gaming Classic shooter tournament from this year.

isotope3 at prototyprally
Oo, a 'Flash spirograph' - a fun toy, if not actually a game.

Water Cooler Games - Play the News Game
From the Peacemaker creators, web-based news gaming that's meant to be 'fantasy sports meets the evening news.'

GameDaily's Media Coverage interviews Seth Schiesel
The main New York Times game writer chats - v. interesting indeed.

How Accurate Are First-Person Shooter Weapons? - Gaming - Rainbow Six Vegas 2 - America's Army - Popular Mechanics
Popular Mechanics is a pretty cool mag.

Siliconera » The cost of My Life as a King
Some ideas on the micropayment costs for the Final Fantasy-themed WiiWare title, at least in Japan.

the2bears.com » Cannon Macro Language ver.0.2.0
Shmup-related scripting language alert.

Gametrailers.com - Pinball FX - Rocky and Bullwinkle Trailer
Not the classic Data East pintable tho, sigh.