- Gadzooks and Godzuki, it's time for a tad more GameSetLink-age, as the scrappy late week twilight unveils a host of random web goodness.

In there - some limited edition Space Invaders T-shirtiness, discussion on games and addiction from MSNBC, MTV Multiplayer on what games really really mean, and the best record launch party evah. Black hole sun, won't you come?

'SPACE INVADERS and the premiere Italian streetwear brand 55DSL join forces on a special collaborative PC game and t-shirt!'

What makes video games 'addictive'? - On the Level - MSNBC.com
Kalning is a v.smart reporter, having been quizzed in excruciating detail by her more than once, heh.

MTV Multiplayer » The Problem With That Line ‘It’s Just A Game’ — Are Our Games Our Fantasies?
I guess this is important? I'm just a bit grumpy about the whole opportunity it's given for a massive peanut gallery attack.

No More Heroes Remix CD Launch Report | Game | Life from Wired.com
Very cool, both from a venue perspective and Jean Snow (Japanese artgeek-er extraordinaire) writing for Game|Life now.

Level Up : The Big Idea: A Brief Look Inside the Mind of the Monogamous Gamer--And a Plea to Developers to Cater to His or Her Needs
Croal riffing on a GSW Chris Dahlen post, as his subject lines get parodically long, heehee.

Watermarks and (lack of) Studio Communication « Desert Hat
'It seems to me that what we need is not only a better system of preserving game assets, but also of sharing those assets to studios that are working on projects involving those games.'

Load This - The Web Page: Let the gaming begin
'Gamasutra is to sites like Gamespot what Harper's is to USA Today.' Activate gloat mode!

Gism Butter » Blog Archive » Most Legendary Haul at the Flea Market
Nice, there are STILL early '80s ROMs turning up at flea markets, like super-rare Cabbage Patch Kids games, crazy.

LinkUp: Invading MoMA | The New Gamer
I'm linking to a linkblog post from my linkblog post!

SnapShot of gamesindustry.biz (rank #53,054), gamasutra.com (#13,036), next-gen.biz (#32,396) - Compete
Gama doing quite well recently, at least in third-party stats, vs. game biz sites, should you consider them them competition.