- Hurray for more GameSetLinks! This time round, we've grabbed and gazoinked all kinds of fun stuff, including Alex Handy's look at his flea-market dumped ColecoVision ROMs (pictured!)

In addition, there's a discussion on 'making gaming better' (no small conversation there!), as well as a discussion of a competitive strategy game about 'picking up chicks' - or so it says here on this cue card. Oh dear, did we just make gaming worse again? Onward:

chewing pixels » Witness the Fitness: Nintendo’s Leap from Abstraction
'Eyetoy and the Wii’s obvious potential lies not in endless mini-game compilations, but in interactive realism whereby games monitor, test, measure and appraise non-abstracted tasks and movements.'

bit-tech.net | Making Gaming Better
The Kudos/Democracy creator: "...here is my personal list of things we can all do to make gaming a better experience."

The Cut Scene - Video Game Blog by Variety: Exclusive reviews are ethically troubling
This man is correct.

Moogle.net » Blog Archive » Single Player Economist
'Here are three key points to consider when building your single-player [game] economy.'

WarioWorld.com: 'Software Development Support Group - Apply - Wii'
Hey, that's a cute URL for the Nintendo software support website.

Gism Butter » Blog Archive » ROMs Dumped and Confirmed
Update on those flea market ROMs.

Insomnia | Commentary | Non-games are for non-gamers
'I've yet to find a single [game magazine/website] that treats non-games the way they should be treated -- i.e. not at all.'

GameSpot News: PressSpotting: Play Magazine EIC Brady Fiechter
Didn't know they were ditching review scores - interesting.

VGChartz.com | Xbox Live Arcade Sales Top 100 - 4/26/08
'Of the European-Themed card games, Lost Cities seems to debut the weakest, as Carcassonne and Catan both debuted with an estimated 8,000-10,000 units their first week.'

Tynan Sylvester » Blog Archive » Designing 'The Player League' Part 1: Why It's Hard
'For a while now, I’ve wanted to make a competitive strategy game about picking up chicks.'