- There aren't many things more amusing than people falling over, and Secret Exit are rather experts at that - thanks to games like Stair Dismount and Truck Dismount.

There's some danger that Stair Dismount 2 may be coming soon, as you can see from this set of GameSetLinks, which also includes a rather amusing Guitar Hero cartoon, Aleksi Eeben's latest VIC-20 game, a neat 1UP feature on forum denizens, and more.

Go go gogo go:

YouTube - Stair Dismount 2 - Technology Test Extended
Oh ragdoll physics, how I love you.

The Cut Scene - Video Game Blog by Variety: Dan Houser's very extended interview about everything "Grand Theft Auto IV" and Rockstar
Very rare to get to see the Wizard Of Oz behind the curtain with Rockstar.

Chairman of the Boards: How Online Forums Influence Game Makers and Marketers from 1UP.com
This is a really nice piece - more Robert Ashley on 1UP now there's less Ziff mags, perhaps?

MediaShift . Gawking at Numbers::Why Paying People by Page Views is Wrong | PBS
'I believe that a blog with 50,000 loyal, repeat visitors is much more valuable to... everyone on the business side — than a blog that has sensational posts that bring in 100,000 one-time visitors for entertainment snacks...' Via Simon Waldman.

Jimi Hendrix chopped this cartoon down with the edge of his hand. « the rut.
Yay, Guitar Hero sarcasm in cartoon form.

Braid: More Fun Than Calculus! « Save the Robot - Chris Dahlen
'When Blow sent me an updated patch, I paid him a kind of left-handed compliment by telling him it’s stretched my mind more than anything since Calculus class.'

Aleksi Eeben: Tuntematon Sotilas
Aleksi just released a new EP on my net.label Monotonik - here's his latest VIC-20 game (!), "Loosely based on... Empire game played on mainframe computers in the late 70's and... Finnish movie... Tuntematon Sotilas - The Unknown Soldier'

Crummy: Here's the kind of unrelenting journalism we need to...
In Crummy's comments following up on Alistair Wallis' story, an awesome story about forgery and Space Quest IV.

Extenuating Circumstances – Draft-but-published: BAFTA! Tough Love
Having labored long and hard to puzzle out the Game Developers Choice Awards categories for this year, I've realized - awards are hard. But fun.

The Bowery Boys | New York City History: The history of New York City in video games
Awesome - via Waxy.