- No, really, delighted to be starting off this near-weekend GameSetLinks with one of the finest Continental European game covers ever - at least if you're enamored with This Is Vegas, clover coloring and crotches.

Also in here - a passionate discussion of Rock Band dropouts, the latest Mega64 adorable randomness, and a fake Battletoads trailer for Wii causes Scientology mayhem. No, really. Really really. Here's them links:

Vertigames » Blog Archive » Viva la France!
Whoa, a big WTF on that French 'This Is Vegas' cover image, heh.

PC World - If It's Good Enough for Shatner...
Benj Edwards scans up a storm for PC World, referencing classic celebrity computer endorsements.

Annoying Scientology with Battletoads - The Gameshelf
This gets linked for the article name alone, though the story (about this YouTube video) is plain bonkers.

Newsweek's Level Up: Announcement: With Apologies to Arianna Huffington and Simon Carless, Level Up Starts Rolling Out Its Lineup of Regular Columnists
Heh, that's the first time I've even been paired with Arianna Huffington, for sure. But seriously, it's good to see the 'contributor' approach rubbing off, cos it's a good one.

Shrapnel Games: Digital Eel free games page
All 3 oldest wacky Seattle-styled alt.indie games from Digital Eel (Plasmaworm, Big Box of Blox , Dr. Blob's Organism) - fer free. Is this old? They sent out a new press release about it, anyhoo!

Worlds In Motion - Analysis: Virtual Worlds And Investment, Q1 2008
Oop, was having a grumpy morning when I wrote this! Still true, though.

Results from James Portnow's Game Design Challenge: MMO Class - GameCareerGuide.com
Looks like the challenge went really well on sister site GCG!

Mega64's Street Fighter II Bonus Round video
I'm really hoping Capcom has commissioned them to do a series of these for HD Remix. Maybe? Hopefully?

sardius_: Outsmarting Rock Band's Online Quitters: A Half-Assed Essay (Assay)
'Playing Rock Band online is less about rhythm and more about psychoanalyzing XxDragonWolfxX and wondering if he'd be less willing to quit on you if you dressed your character up in leopard-print pants.'

Play Doeo, a free online game on Kongregate
Delicious Katamari art style clicky clicky in Flash - via RPS.