- [We're cross-posting this everywhere today, so GameSetWatch is not to be left out! As you'll see, we've added the awesome Shacknews alum Chris Remo to our already award-winning staff, as well as super-smart Eric Caoili to help run a lot of our subsites - while Leigh Alexander transitions out, sniff.]

Leading game industry site Gamasutra has announced new additions to the staff of its award-winning web publications, with former Shacknews EIC Chris Remo joining its suite of websites as Editor-At-Large, and Eric Caoili now aiding as Gamasutra Associate News Editor and Co-Ordinating Editor of its market-specific sites.

Remo, one of the main architects of the recent renaissance of veteran gaming site Shacknews as Editor In Chief, as well as a Founding Editor at respected game culture site Idle Thumbs, will join Gamasutra and associated sites as Editor-At-Large to help shape and evolve website strategy, as well as usher in a major upcoming site redesign.

In addition, journalist Eric Caoili, contributor to sites including 4 Color Rebellion and the AOL-owned DS Fanboy and Wii Fanboy, will be aiding as Gamasutra Associate News Editor, as well as acting as Co-Ordinating Editor for the company's market-specific subsites.

Caoili's co-ordination responsibilities include writing or co-ordinating editorial for online worlds weblog Worlds In Motion (replacing Leigh Alexander, who has taken a new position outside of Think Services' sites), cellphone game site Games On Deck (replacing Mathew Kumar, who is now moving to contribute to Gamasutra), and 'serious games' site Serious Games Source.

Remo and Caoili join an two-time Webby award-winning Gamasutra staff that includes Edge Online alumnus and Gamasutra News Editor Brandon Boyer, and game journalism industry veteran and Features Editor Christian Nutt, overseen by Think Services group publisher Simon Carless.

Think Services' unique editorial structure also allows significant symbiosis between Gamasutra and sister publication Game Developer magazine, headed by Insert Credit co-founder and Senior Editor Brandon Sheffield and Production Editor Jeff Fleming - as well as input from leading educational game website Game Career Guide, run by GCG Editor Jill Duffy.