So, I've been involved in the netlabel scene for a good few years (uh, at least 12) with my Creative Commons-licensed online electronic music label Monotonik, and before that the Amiga demo-scene, so it was neat to get a note from Jan Robbe of net.label entity on a GSW/netlabel crossover:

"Our own little netlabel/indie game scene marriage spawned [NTT040] Tetroid 2012. In short, it's a psychedelic Tetris clone (with references to Mr.Driller and Arkanoid as well), featuring 21 [music] artists. It is meant to bring experimental electronic music closer to the people. Programming was done by Toxie of the Apocalypse Inc demogroup [who also created Tsunami 2010, a 96k (!) Tempest2K clone of some repute]."

And sure enough, here's a slightly grainy YouTube video of the game, in all it's psychedelic glory. It's a shame it 'borrowed' the central Tetris mechanic so obviously, because it would have been neater just mashing up the block puzzle concept in a different way. Nonetheless, check out the Tetris => Arkanoid screen flip at about 00.35, great concept:

Ah yes, some more info: "All the info/screens/youtubes can be found at (blog) or simply by clicking on the latest Entity netlabel release @ Some direct links to the game:,,"