- [Future Publishing puts out Edge, sure, and the official Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft magazines in the States and the UK. But their flagship U.S. website is GamesRadar, and I'd just like to reprint the media alert I just got from them without much further comment.]

Last week's "Week of Hate" on GamesRadar.com gave the videogame destination its best March traffic numbers ever.

GamesRadar.com's first ever "Week of Hate" had new programming every day, exploring just what ticks gamers off on every major platform, plus gamer stereotypes, why Japanese RPG's suck, game innovation flops, etc.

As expected, the contents got everybody taking sides, driving traffic to new heights.

1) Tuesday March 25th was the biggest day ever on GamesRadar (340,000 uniques & 3.2MM page views). That was the day GamesRadar.com posted "100 Reasons Fanboys Hate Playstation."

2) Year over year page view growth for the week was +57% (uniques and visits were up +33%).

3) March 08 page views will exceed March 07 by approximately 30%.

In case you missed any of The Week of Hate, here are a few highlights --




[Oh yes - the release didn't mention GamesRadar vs. Shirley Phelps-Roper, something they were trailing enthusiastically last week, and which is possibly even more trolltastic than this particular set of links. Someone hand me a shoesaw...]